Factual Friday #1: Why fear?

“Everything we do in life is based on fear, especially love.”

-Mel Brooks

While how we fear, what we fear and how we manage that fear is endlessly complex and not fully understood, the emotion of fear is basic and what makes us human. 

Since we began writing, fear has been a topic of discussion. Plato and Aristotle in Ancient Greece theorized about fear. The first emotion mentioned in the bible is fear, the feeling Adam has after biting the apple, right before he feels shame. There have been endless discussion and philosophies on our fears. And all of it still holds true. Because the fear you feel is the same emotion that has been felt by every human throughout history. 

“It is the quintessential human emotion. Some people live lives devoid of joy, happiness and peace but no one escapes the experience of fear…”

-Rush W. Dosier Jr, Fear Itself

And yet we don’t talk about it. We hid our fears from one another and ourselves, only whispering them as secrets. 

Everything in history can be looked at as the result of fear. It underlies everything we do. The pyramids were built out of fear of the afterlife, a fear of what comes next. The Great Wall of China was built out of fear of outsiders. The Mayan hieroglyphics were built by king’s out of fear of losing their power. No culture does not fear. Because fear makes us human. 

The medical community has a scientific, chemically readable disease for those rare individuals whose brains lack the ability to fear. They are diagnosed as psychopaths. These are serial killers who lack all empathy. They’re often described as monsters. Without fear, one does not become brave. Without fear, you cannot love, you cannot empathize, you cannot connect. We are a social species. We rely on one another for survival. Therefore, we rely on our fear.

The ultimate goal should never be to live without fear. It is live despite them.

anonymous asked:

Im terrified he's just going to repeat "our insane cycle" and it'll end up like it always has before. But this time he is actually DOING something. Not just SAYING he'll get the things he needs done, done. Really making an effort and moving forward. I'm just afraid that after all his effort I won't be able to return the love I use to give.

Factual Friday #6

This Factual Friday is going to be a bit different. This is a graph I made of data from the project that I will be sharing this week in Hawaii! I hope you all enjoy it.

Fears from each location were categorized into fourteen categories, further explained below. A submission can have multiple fears to it, and each fear can fit into more than one category. The circles represent the percentage of fears at each location that in anyway fell into the given category. The diameter of the circle correlates to that percentage.

Data from Tumblr goes from the beginning of the blog until the end of November, so number may have chanced since then.

Here’s the definitions of each category:

Love – Submissions that mention love specifically, make reference to a specific person (He, him, She, her), marriage.

Family – Submissions that mention any family member (children, husband, wife, parents, etc). Includes marriage.

Friends and Others – Submissions that include rejection, being judged in some way, being disliked, or specific outside people that do not fall into the category of a loved one or family member. Includes the fear of being alone and any specific name given.

Health – Submissions that involve a health issue, such as sickness or mental diseases.

Money – Submission that mention money, finances and debt.

Life – Submissions that mention life as a whole, looking back and being disappointed, regrets and guilt. Any use of the word never is place here.

Losing Control – Submissions that focus on the future, the unknown and situations in which the participant has no control over the outcome. Something happening or not happening in the future (specifically) are included.

Failure / Success – Submissions that mention failing or failure specifically.

Predisposed -This topic is based off further research on fear that suggests some fears are hardwired into our genes and account for common fears around the world despite little interaction with these things. Submissions include spiders, heights, snakes, the dark, deep water, closed spaces and death

Specific – Submissions include all fears of physical objects most likely picked up by the individual from a personal experience such as bees, clowns, and driving through tunnels

Meta – Submissions about fear itself or the project.

World – Submissions that have a general fear of the world or humanity

Violence – Submissions that fear violence. It should be noted 3 total fears have been submitted in this category. 2 reflect the writer’s fear of their own anger and violence, not that of others. The third is a CMU submission that mentions rape.

I fear that one day everyone will find out I am not as great as they think I am.  Everyone will realize I am only great at pretending. I pretend to have everything under control. I pretend to know the answers to all questions. I pretend I manage my life perfectly. I pretend that I am organized. I even pretend I’m pretty. I am really good at nothing and I am afraid one day everyone I know will realize this. And they will leave. 

not being able to have an impact.

Not being able to change or make an impact on anything.

I constantly think about my purpose and what I’m doing with my life. I don’t want to live a shallow, insignificant life where I’m just another member of society. That scares me to death; to just be some random individual that has contributed nothing. And that’s one of my goals- to be and do something.

Something that will have an impact, an effect, a change.

On anyone or anything.

And if I don’t achieve this, then in my eyes, my life and my existence would be wasted and useless.