Opium Daydreams

A few days has passed since the coronation, almost bleeding into the next week and Rue was a wreck. They’d moved into the suit quarters that occupied the current Leader plus family since Caydin had finished his finals. The angels had been pretty pissy when Rue had told them they’d be going back to the Academy for a few weeks so that the blond could finish up his courses, but the look he’d given them had dared the act to be called into question.

Their stuff was once again set up in boxes that lined the master suite, but since it was summer they’d gotten no objections from the school. Rue was resting against the desk he’d found his home in since they’d moved. Sunk deep in the chair he was lost in thought as those dark eyes skimmed over the multitude of documents that littered the table top. Books were scattered here and there as a testament to how much he was trying.

Nathaniel could never had prepared him for so much. The different fractions that littered this world was currently driving him to drink more than he ever had before. Empty baggies marked with a single black wing tucked amongst the herbs were scattered over the room; since coming back together the angel had been very stern with Caydin about one thing.

Being an angel was cool and Rue would support the shit out of his angel ass but they had different stashes of angel hash and Caydin was never to try Rue’s.

The last thing he needed was for his fiancee to feel just how much O he’d been having mixed into his hash lately. Damn that little blonde bitch who supplied his shit. She got off on his texts for sure.

His eyes slid closed before turning his head to address the only other living being in the room; his ocean. “Cayd? I need the mother of all favors.”