Down the Aisle: Wedding Decor

While planning my wedding, I was a mad pinner. I probably pinned over a  thousands things to my wedding ideas throughout the several months of planning. There were SO many great ideas and DIY things to do that I wanted to incorporate into my wedding while still keeping it special and personal. I knew from the beginning what my vision was- Halloween Chic/Masquerade Ball/Fall/New Orleans. We combined it all with the theme of “French Quarter in the Fall." 

A lot of my DIY things were documented on my Instagram throughout the weeks leading up to the wedding. A few of them are the Mr. &Mrs. pumpkins I painted, the 20 hand carved pumpkins a bunch of my friends lovingly helped with for a few beers and company, my photobooth, the entire candy bar, glitter skulls, the painted guest book tree, and the white ash tray pumpkin centerpieces. (A lot of our friends smoke and we needed something cute. Ta-da!) There were a few more not pictured as well, such as home made candy apples, mummy wrapped candy bars, and cotton candy martinis. 

Our venue for the reception was initially a bare room with pipes sticking out of the floor. With the help of my amazing florist turned day-of wedding planner, she got them to repaint, hang the lights, and put together my vision perfectly. Full of skulls, pumpkins, and masks with a chic, romantic feel. I am still so in love with how everything came out!