thefasttheblueandthecool  asked:

Oh my goodness...hahaha your blog just made my night lol I have never seen a blog like this! I swear I've been scrolling through this thing for a while now and I apologize for the reblog and liking spam! Hahaha your tags and pictures are hilarious. I love you, marry me<333 lol

|D Pssh, spam doesn’t bother me at all! I like being a little creeper and reading the comments, so spam away! o___o I’m watching yoooouuu~

*ahem* I mean…pie. ;; I’m glad mah ramblings make you smile! I hope you continue to like the awkwardness~! And I’ve got the marriage papers right here. Prepare for a lifetime of watching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Trippy 90s cartoons are the keys to a good marriage uu

Yeaaah, that’s the stuff. How can you resist that?


[SFM] Boom Shadow

You must watch this, just…watch it…