“We, the undersigned, are The Fans.

We are The Fans who faithfully catch every play, every highlight, every fight, every goal, every victory, every defeat.

And we, The Fans, don’t want to miss a minute of our passion.

And so we, The Fans, are signing this petition to respectfully ask the NHL and the NHLPA to think of us this season and bring back the game we love, that you love, that Canada loves.

And on October Ninteenth, of the year Twenty Twelve, we The Fans will deliver this petition to the NHL and the NHLPA to show you our support for hockey because we, The Fans, love hockey.

Signed, The Fans.”

(Click through photo to sign.)

#EGOTips this is what I do this for! Comments like these. If you are getting into this game or really any other industry, you gotta have the passion! If you coming into boxing, expect to make $$ on YouTube you’re already off to a bad start. It has to first come from a genuine place, an desire to improve upon what is already present, fulfill a need or void in that industry, help spread awareness and promote the growth of the beauty sport of boxing. Do you realize how many countless hours I stayed up, how many videos I did for FREE, how many poor decisions & bad stoppages I’ve witnessed in the sport. Yet, I stayed with it and wish nothing but success for the sport of boxing. Whether you LOVE ME or HATE ME, that doesn’t matter to me, because you will always get a 100% authentic EGO, whether I’m right or wrong, I’m ME, and for that reason I am unapologetic. I treat everyone with respect unless you disrespect me, you can’t be saved by the bell, no three knockdown rule lol but comments like these push me to work harder and harder everyday. Boxing has saved my life in so many ways, so I can’t turn my back on it, despite the things we endure as fans. Thank you for all the supportive comments. When I first started I was doing predictions in my room, since I’ve been able to meet fighters and trainers, and attend live events, I owe that to you guys. Thank you for the continued support. Let’s keep this sport alive and well. Boxing ain’t dead! Shoutout to Amsterdam #TheFans #BOXINGEGO

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