“We, the undersigned, are The Fans.

We are The Fans who faithfully catch every play, every highlight, every fight, every goal, every victory, every defeat.

And we, The Fans, don’t want to miss a minute of our passion.

And so we, The Fans, are signing this petition to respectfully ask the NHL and the NHLPA to think of us this season and bring back the game we love, that you love, that Canada loves.

And on October Ninteenth, of the year Twenty Twelve, we The Fans will deliver this petition to the NHL and the NHLPA to show you our support for hockey because we, The Fans, love hockey.

Signed, The Fans.”

(Click through photo to sign.)

“Taken from Carpenter Brut. EP II”

Hace menos de una semana pude jugar y completar el Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number…y hubo un nivel llamado “Death Wish” en donde jugamos con los infames “Fans” y de fondo, mientras echamos mas tiros que un fin de semana en Petare…se escucha esta pieza de fondo. De verdad que se botaron con el Soundtrack! BRUTAL! 

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