I anticipate a quiet night on Tumblr, or at least, I hope for one because I don’t want to miss anything exciting.

I am physically exhausted right now. There is a lot of pressure sitting right behind my eyes. I think my body is trying to tell me I should close them and switch to GCS 3 for 12 hours or more. So the plan is to go to bed nowish, that way I can absolutely total my assignment tomorrow. 

Usually I only ever get the fandom appreciation blog posts done right as I post them, which for me is 2 or 3am. That plus uni and it is beginning to catch up to me. So I won’t have time for anything tonight, or tomorrow night in all likelihood. I am having a little break and I hope you guys will forgive me. I’ll get back to it on Thursday night, I promise.

One more week of this and I am free to browse and read and draw and write to my heart’s content though. I am so excited for that : )
Here is some crazy gif love for you all. Let it sustain you.  

I am in break day: the one day I give myself to relax before diving back into more assessment after submitting. Its a reward system. It works.

I caught the bus home getting really excited to draw for you guys, and answer all my inboxes, and write millions of fandom appreciation blog posts in advance, and beta read all of the things. 

And what do I do?

I clean my entire house. Now I have a big pile of garbage (Yes, I am a hoarder. It’s hard to let go) and a really clean house. After that, I did grown up things like taxes. 

Now I am sleepy and all I want to do is nap, so there likely won’t be any drawings, but I will do all of those other important things! I promise!