Today I am celebrating the story of my teammate and friend Theresa Lopetrone (The Fame) who’s success story is featured in Oxygen Magazine’s Abs Special Issue.  

I hold this woman in the highest regard.  

Theresa is special to me in many ways and although we have not been in one another’s lives for long, she saw something special in me that I had forgotten about - and not only reminded me of it but encouraged me to share it with others, to share my story, in the hopes that my experiences would benefit others. Thanks to her inspiration, guidance and leadership, I started my own blog and owe so much of my success to her.  

Although our journeys have been very different, I am so grateful to Theresa for her constant support and compassion.  She is a true fitness inspiration and someone who truly walks the walk.  

Congratulations Theresa on this monumental milestone in your fitness career!