NEW OUTTAKE of Jamie from InStyle UK Yearbook 2006 in UHQ and the released pictures we know, only this time, I give them to you in UHQ. College Student Jamie is HHHHAAAAWWWWWTTTTT as PPPPUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK! (Brought to you by me and Holly @everythingjdcom


Edit: Not my gif i really don’t know where it came from tbh, sorry (Probably should of said that to begin with)Edit: found it! @damonalbarn I’m not gonna lie and say I did say shit because to be honest I just left it because I didn’t know who made it. Later, I had a realisation that i should probably say something. Sorry for not crediting promise shit like this won’t happen again. ( I’m laughing so hard it’s in the fucking corner and I couldn’t see it this whole time)