Looking for My Angel||Castiel&Lust

It had been days. Weeks. Lust didn’t know anymore, he lost count. Maybe it was because he was busy or Castiel was. Neither of them had spoken since they last saw each other. Maybe Lust had gotten attached to the angel but he liked Castiel. No one could blame him for that. He was against praying, it probably wouldn’t even work since he was a demon and all. Lust finally took out his phone and dialed the angel’s number pressing the phone to his ear as it rang. 

+26(or so)

Tala’s mouth drops open for a moment, before she snaps it shut again, biting her lip lightly.

“….Alright, who are you? And what do you want?” Normally, she’d be a lot nicer, a lot more patient. But after so many new people, she was starting to get  a bit freaked out-she was,after all,at a disadvantage. The last thing she needed was someone new-let alone this many new people.

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“Hello..?” Pele called out from her volcanoes edge, sensing something extremely powerful in the vicinity of her home. Something much more powerful than her. Nonetheless, she watched the area below her intently…that is until she felt something behind her. Turning around, the goddess found what seemed to be an ordinary man staring straight back at her. “Who…are you?”

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I care! I love your Lust! He’s snarky, but, caring!

[[I Know! XD I was just saying, because I feel a lot of people are dropping threads with me because I won’t smut with them. Or Lust doesn’t make a move on them. It’s just annoying. 

If I thought you didn’t care or anything I would have just been like MEH.

Also I was wondering if I could add your Castiel to Lust’s relationship page?]]