The Faithful Few #MaggsLondon

It was a Monday morning, the skies were grey, the train windows were steaming up from the warmth of the commuters inside and the cold rain blowing against the outside - yet I had a smile on my face. My Monday morning commute into London has brightened up since I started watching Hannah Maggs’ YouTube channel. Hannah, her husband Stef and their son Grayson form The Michalak Family Video Diaries, they video log their day to day activities and cut it into one video that is uploaded every Sunday.

There is something so warming and heartfelt from each video that just leaves me feeling happier about my day and about how I want to live my life. Their profound attention to detail is delightful and the music is calming, reflective and it makes the videos come alive.

Hannah runs a beauty blog and has also expanded into her own business of selling beautiful make up bags, Maggs London. She hand picks fabric from Liberty and the bags are handmade in Soho. I’ve loved each design that Hannah launched and each bag has a well thought out name; unique to how Hannah feels about the pattern. I finally decided on one that I really liked and made my purchase.

‘The Faithful Few’ - “This is going to be tricky for me to articulate, but never the less bear with me and I’ll try my best. Put simply this makeup bag is for you… For those of you that aren’t aware each week I upload a video on youtube, over the last year I’ve managed to somehow acclimate a fair few subscribers, and its these subscribers that I’m dedicating this bag to. It’s my small way of saying thank you. I don’t think my subscribers will ever know how much they’ve changed my life for the better, or how their kindness not only never stops surprising me but also resinates with me every single day. Even those that watch that watch silently and have never commented or liked one of my videos, which happens to be most of you, thank you. It was you who made all this possible and thats something I’ll never loose sight of. So this bag is dedicated to each and every one of you. Thank you.”

Each bag is handmade by a professional seamstress in Soho. The stitching is good and the bag looks and feels lovely. The little details on the packaging, the cute label and stamp on the brown wrapping really show how proud they are of the product they’ve launched - I am very pleased with my bag. I am currently using it as a little manicure bag and I hope to make another one my own. If you watch Hannah’s YouTube channel you will know that she is currently preparing some special Christmas wrapping. I would be over the moon to receive one of these in my Christmas stocking - they would make a great gift!

Thank you Hannah, Stef + Grayson for spending most of your time creating such wonderful videos. You have created a time capsule for you and your family and I thank you for letting us share it with you.

There are currently 7 different make-up bags: Beloved London £26.99 | Serendipity £24.95 | The Fair One £24.99 | The Faithful Few £19.95 | The Grayson £24.49 | The Henley £19.95 | The Little Moments £23.95

I thoroughly recommend having a look at their YouTube channel, it will make you laugh, smile and it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Here is one of my recent favourite videos: Camping & Crawling.

What makes you happy on a Monday morning?