I spent most of yesterday in bed, hungover. The headache carried over to this morning. The sound of raining colliding with window panes & concrete walkway, I was slow moving for most of the morning, & by slow moving, I mean I hit snooze on my alarm a good 7 or 8 times & still hadn’t gotten out of bed. Thru the cracked window, I heard the undeniable roar of the recycling truck pull up in front of my house, & when the monster noises ceased as the driver pulled to a stop, the sound of rain didn’t flood back. Instead, Tom Petty’s “Refugee” came swooping down the walkway & into my ears & a brutal harmony supplied the driver was soon to follow. 
Growing up my dad always told me, the guy on the garbage truck probably never dreamed of that being his job. But it was his job & he did it because that’s sometimes what life is. & I sort of felt that way this morning. It’s cold & rainy & a tuesday, but this guy is singing to his favorite radio hits & just making the day go by. & that’s all you can do. & I only wish I could thank him because making this photograph got me out of bed this morning.