Mary Rose (theeverydaygoth) shot Atticus a note the other day about someone using her quote and selling it without contacting her. Zoinks!

To clarify something, as we’ve been selling this print for a few months now, Mary has given us permission to use it and is paid a royalty on every sale.

Tumblr has some amazing artists and equally talented writers, so here is a quick shake-down on how deals like this work. Make art, hard feelings.

Atticus: “Mary, I’d like to start experimenting with prints. I need one to start with. may I use your quote? I plan on charging $X for it, I’ll give you $Y for each sale. Does this work?”

Mary: “Sure!”

Atticus, some time later: “Mary, here is the artwork. I won’t post it until you approve it. What do you think?”

Mary: “Approved.”

Atticus: “Great! It’s in the store now. I’ll shoot you $Y after each sale.”

The above was paraphrased, you get the picture.

(The print is available in our store for $5.00 + S&H)

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There was a light drizzle outside as I left choir rehearsal; I decided to walk home instead of taking the subway. About ten minutes later, the drizzle turned into a pelting rainstorm.

I was, at first, tempted to seek refuge on the streetcar, but then decided to open up my umbrella and carry on my stroll. The sidewalks were empty, slick; the sound of pelting raindrops against the pavement was the soundtrack to my journey.

The umbrella did me no good. I returned home soaking wet, slightly-chilled, but also invigorated, rejuvenated. It was one of those glorious rainstorms that refreshes the spirits, and I was in need of a refresher, tonight.

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Sending things by post makes me happy. It has been that way for decades, and I imagine it always will. I’ve had good news to share, these past few weeks, and while I’ve done some texting and a bit of emailing, with most of my friends, I’ve shared that news via post. I’ve enjoyed writing down my joys onto a card and sending it across the city, the country, the ocean; I’ve enjoyed imagining people reading that letter and sharing in my joy, as well.

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Inspired by Samantha’s meal from a few days ago, L and I decided to make grits for dinner last night. It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of grits — the cuisine of the southern United States has always been among my favorites — and the recipe that Sam shared looked delicious and not-too -complicated, either.

We picked up some scallops from a local fishmonger — and, while we were there, some fresh Arctic char that had just been flown in on Friday from Nunavut — and set to work. All in all, the dinner was a success (so delicious!) and reminded me once again that there are very few things in life better than spending time in the kitchen with someone you love.


Last week was a rough week, so I spent my Friday evening sitting on a patio in the sunshine drinking cocktails, eating scallops and pizza, and laughing with my love. An auspicious start to the weekend, and an excellent way to let go of the stress and anxiety of the week gone by.

We are celebrating tonight because she leaves early tomorrow morning. She is gone for the month — I will miss her incredibly — for an adventure that she could not pass up. I would not let her.

We all need to seize opportunities when they are presented to us; I am here to support her as she grows, she flourishes, she excels. She excels, and would flourish, without me. I am thankful she has allowed me to join her for the ride.

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Two years ago today, I was not in a good place. I was still grieving after a loss, and was still hesitant, wary of the world.

Two years ago tomorrow, I met a woman who made me smile — a real smile that I hadn’t felt in months — without even realizing that she did. I haven’t been able to wipe that smile off my face since that day.

If that’s not an excuse to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

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The honest truth is that I’ve been struggling with self-esteem, recently. The past month, in particular. The kind of struggle with self-esteem when you really don’t like yourself and don’t see how anyone else could like you either, even though every rational part of you is trying to convince you otherwise.

It’s an insidious kind of struggle; it’s the kind of problem that feeds itself by making you grumpy and sensitive and despondent because you feel unlikeable, and all those traits make you less likeable, and so it continues.

I’ve battled this, successfully, before, and I have no doubt that I will battle it successfully this time. In the meantime, I ask that you — my friends, family, loved ones, strangers who only know me through a screen — please be patient with me. Please be patient with me if your playful jabs wound me more than they should and normally would, or if your reminders feel overwhelming (I’m processing one thing at a time right now, but I’m taking note of it all and everything will get done), or if I just need some down time between activities, errands, conversations, or experiences. It’s that down time that helps me process, to rationalize, to work through what needs working.

Today, I am taking that down time by staring up at the sky and watching the clouds float by. Taking that down time by looking up, and being lifted by what is above me.

This will all pass, soon, as it always does; just as dark clouds make way for light ones, and the sky remains blue behind them all.

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Here’s what I know: that even after the roughest of weekends — after losing one of your closest friends for reasons you still can’t understand, after spending 72 hours feeling uncomfortable and somewhat excluded by the people around you — life is nothing but wonderful when you get to eat gelato and watch OITNB with the woman you love.

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Can’t help but be really excited after discovering a new, delicious restaurant in the neighborhood. Even better when you discover it with someone you love.

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Recently, my weekdays have been getting harder. A large part of that is due to the fact that the job I once loved has now become the opposite due to a variety of reasons — there are other reasons, too, but work is the obvious and most present one — and I have trouble dealing with the latent antagonism in the office environment.

Tonight, I realized that I needed to clear my head, so I took a stroll down beside the Don River and let myself get lost for a few minutes. There was a highway nearby, and the sounds of cars driving by were loud, but they didn’t mask all the other sounds that come from the urban woodland.

There was a serenity in the cacophony of sounds, the shadows of trees.

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We spent the weekend in Essex County with L’s family, eating and drinking and laughing and relaxing and soaking up some wonderful sunshine and just being happy to be with family and friends and loved ones.