The Red Weed 

You may have noticed the appearance of Red Weed in your garden and local parks. 

THIS IS IT. The Martian Fighting machines are slowly gaining their hold on our planet and we need authorities to act NOW! Print out this poster and hand it out to friends, family, neighbours and the journalists sitting in the news van at the end of your street. 

If you are unable to leave your property, help us spread the word online. Share this posteracross your blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, using the hashtag #TheEveOfTheWar. 

You MUST use this hashtag so we can track your activity! #TheEveOfTheWar #TheEveOfTheWar !!! 

Survival Guide

The Martian attack is well and truly upon us and we are now involved in a full-scale War of The Worlds whether we like it or not. We want all those reading this to be prepared and stay safe so we have created a Survival Guide for you. We were planning to distribute this to you by post, but the Red Weed (not to mention Heat Ray attacks!) have rendered Royal Mail a little helpless. Therefore, we need you to pass this on to everyone you know.

We cannot allow Earth to belong to the Martians!

The Martian Fighting Machines have landed!

Over the last few days, many of you have been sharing your sightings of what we like to call - Martian Fighting Machines. Please keep sending us your evidence via our SUBMIT page here!

We need to tell the world that they have arrived! 

So, we have created another poster for you to spread online and print out to post around your neighbourhoods…  

…Warn your loved ones, this is #TheEveOfTheWar! 

Have YOU seen The Martian Fighting Machines on Horsell Common?

Just yesterday, sightings of what the media are calling ‘towering robotic machines’, were seen on Horsell Common in Surrey! 

Passer-by Georgina Allen said of the sightings: “I couldn’t believe my eyes”…“It was like Doctor Who or something”

The article even makes a reference to THIS VERY SITE! Perhaps the media are finally starting to take note of what we have  been warning them of for a very long time. 

Take a read of the article and get sharing across the internet! 


Censored news report on the Martian Fighting Machines 

Another day and yet another sighting of the Martian Fighting Machines appears on our radar.

We have been informed us that segments on Martian sightings are being censored from news broadcasts! A heroic source at JWTV managed to get hold of this clip before it was entirely destroyed. 

THE PUBLIC MUST BE WARNED! Share this broadcast with everyone you know and make sure they are prepared!!!


We need to prepare for #TheEveOfTheWar

Are you all listening?

The Martian invasion is coming and we need to prepare!

My nephew Ian has created these Twitter avatars for you all to use and I advise you do. We need as much support as possible to help spread the word that #TheEveOfTheWar is on its way.

Select your avatar of choice by clicking on the images above.


Is #TheEveOfTheWar the biggest cover up of mankind?

We can’t help but wonder just how many people are involved in the biggest cover up of mankind. And no, we’re not exaggerating. Have you listened to this audio, intercepted by NASA only last week? Listen now, before they remove it…

Could these mysterious noises mark #TheEveOfTheWar?

Mysterious noises continue to be heard in Surrey and elsewhere. Have you seen the latest report in the paper? It was well-hidden, but we spotted it.

If you have spotted anything suspicious, make sure you let us know on Twitter. You must use this hashtag #TheEveOfTheWar to ensure we can track your findings and investigate further.