Without you (Tyr & Sigyn)

Dressed in a cream dress and wearing her hair down, Sigyn finished making herself ready for the Solstice banquet. Tonight was the night that the announcement would be made about she and Tyr and she was nervous. 

Exiting her room, she began making her way down he hall toward the feasting room. 

Long Hard Road (Tyr & Sigyn)

The last couple of days saw Sigyn hiding in her room. Feeling horrible that she had let and encouraged things to go as far as they did with Tyr. Fenrir was good to his word and had been avoiding her completely. It made her feel so low. 

Sneaking out at first light, Sigyn made her way to the rose garden. She missed the smell of the Midnight Roses and decided that she wanted to collect some for her room. Hoping to avoid everyone. Taking her knife out of her basket, she began to cut roses setting them in her basket.