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Hey everyone! I’ve seen a lot of new Year 11 studyblrs looking for resources and advice so I decided to make one giant masterpost, collating resources for as many subjects as possible, many of which I found extremely useful when I did mine last year.

bbc bitesize
khan academy
mr barton’s maths
cgp (free samples)

Official Sites
edexcel past papers
aqa past papers
ocr past papers
wjec past papers

Top Tips

1. Past papers are your best friend. Questions are repeated/tweaked slightly way more than you’d think.

2. Flashcards, timelines, and mindmaps are brilliant, especially for the sciences and history! Pretty notes aren’t the be-all and end-all.

3. Please, please, don’t wait until the last month or so to start revising. Start revising and making notes now - you need time for the past papers closer to the exam!

4. Don’t make excuses. Your teacher is awful and you don’t understand something? Watch a dozen YouTube videos explaining it, ask another teacher, ask your friends. Don’t ever let ‘I don’t know/my teacher is rubbish/I was ill that day’ hinder your progress.

5. Relax too! Don’t burn out or spend too long revising. Take time for yourself to destress, because believe me, in sixth form you will value every tiny second you get that isn’t full of revision.

That’s all from me; good luck to you all! Please feel free to ask me should you need any other help or advice.

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If the lights of broadway are too bright for you, why not try a high school auditorium? 

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anonymous asked:

Could we get a gcse english masterpost please x

Hi! Truthfully, I’d find this very difficult as I probably only did 20 minutes of revision in total for both English Language and English Literature, and only used one website. I included sparknotes and cliffnotes in the GCSE Masterpost because it had been useful to my friends.

However, I still came away with A*s in both (and full marks in one unit) because the main thing I did was make sure I knew the texts inside and out. Read the books over and over - make sure you know the characters and their motives, their personalities, and the way they interact completely. Secondly, make sure to watch videos from TheEnglishTeacher on YouTube. He provides the exact structure you should use for the exams (although I’m not sure if it’s changed for you now?) and it was incredibly useful to me.

This method may not work for you, or you may not feel happy about going into the exam feeling like you haven’t revised enough, so I’d also suggest writing down important quotes and their page number, making flashcards with summaries of each chapter of the book with annotations of key points from sparknotes, and practicing lots and lots of essays to have your teacher check for you.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully!!