Preparation of Tudor “Sweetmeats” by Food Historian Ivan Day including; painted sugar trenchers (roundels), true-lover’s knots and artificial walnuts which would have messages inside (mostly love poetry). These would have quite possibly been enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Robert Dudley during their many visits to the manor of Rycote in Oxfordshire, England - (Time Team - Season 8, Episode 6: Rycote, Oxfordshire - A Palace Sold for Scrap)


I most humbly beseech your Majesty to pardon your pôôr old servant to be thus bold in sending to know how my gracious Lady doth and what ease of her late pain she finds, being the chiefest thing in this world I do pray for, for her to have good health and long life. For my own poor case, I continue still your medicine and find it amend much better than with any other thing that hath been given me. Thus hoping to find perfect cure at the bath with the continuance of my wonted prayer for your Majesty’s most happy preservation I humbly kiss your foot, from your old lodging at Rycote this Thursday morning, ready to take on my journey, by your Majesty’s most faithful and obedient servant, 

R. Leycester.  

Even as I had written thus much I received your Majesty’s token by young Tracy.