AHP Casting Call

Hey guys! Accessible Homestuck Project is now ready to begin accepting auditions. For information about AHP itself, check our about page

Currently, we need actors to read lines for all characters that appear in Act 1, but we are also accepting auditions for other characters. Some parts are rather small, while others are much larger, and many of these will span over multiple sections of the comic.

The deadline for auditions for Act 1 is May 13th, but this may be extended if we do not get enough submissions. If you are unable to audition by this date, but would still like to participate, then contact us and we will work something out.

More information under the cut; If you have any questions, send us a message here.

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This actually has a cover photo i drew but meh will change the pic later…
So i’m using UTAUs that are not so popular and here is a cover I made with Katsu!
@LukeCat [ThunderNewt]’s drawing style is so cool! And his UTAUs are great! You should check out his works!
Daaaaang, kyaami’s usts don’t need much editing… PRETTY PERF~
Also, first time to mess with Soundgoodizer in FL Studio!

UST by Kyaami
Original by mathru@かにみそP feat. Hatsune Miku
UTAU by @LukeCat [ThunderNewt]
Mix/Edit by Me, Miki

Made with SoundCloud