I’ve already exploded with happy about this on my non-shippy ‘main blog’. But asdhklsghjvcrablhkvefwlgdsghjdf. Look at the things what I got in the post.

And I love it all more than I can properly express. And SHERLOLLY. I wanted more Sherlolly, but I thought I would have judgy housemates… Turns out I don’t, so next free shipping day *giggles maniacally* Sherlolly shall wallpaper my walls. Okay I love, Nicole and Lexie and Alice X. You are all made of perfect and talent. My eloquence buggered off for this post, because of excitement and I’d used it all up trying not to sound crazy on the other post.

[text] Hey wanted to let you know i moved out today. It was originally suppose to be temporary so someone could watch over me and make sure i was taking my meds. Now thought i’m not so sure. Just giving you a heads up. We need to make sure we still get together and talk every so often. Make sure we keep ourselves from being bored.


“I need you to promise.”

“I promise you I’ll try my best to be back for your birthday. Maybe I’ll even make you coffee, as a gift.”

This is sort of a collab with Nicole. (Collab just means that I love her amazing fic so much and was going to make one for the reason but couldn’t find the right images.) It is for The Moment I Knew

The phone image is the birthday texts, it is not just some random phone.

Nicole or theemptyholmes, asked this in the tag: 

And because my brain is taking a mini-break from Vows. I did a thing. A short thing. 

He had turned down the coffee, because it wasn’t the time or place. She brought it up again though, “We’re friends, aren’t – we - Sherlock?” He was surprised to find that she meant coffee, as friends.

Sherlock wasn’t famous for being good at social cues, but in this case he had been entirely wrong, “Sorry?”

“I just…well, thought you’d like to have a coffee, really,” she said looking at him wide-eyed, “Nothing more than that.”

“Coffee,” he repeated feeling confused.

“As friends, you know - we have coffee, and then we chat, a bit, like we do here already. Just without the post-mortem, since that would be nice.”


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There is a small to large chance I just went through all of ‘nicoles doodles’ tag. Theemptyholmes is a fantastic artist so I shall warn but not apologise for the imminent influx of reblogs, because she’s awesome so you’ll just have to… 

One day Nicole may well be creeped out that I seem to be stalking her :P 

This is for Nicole even though she wanted fluffy fics yesterday. I am sorry this is belated and it would have been up yesterday, but I got a case of writer’s block.
Molly arrived home after a long day at work expecting Imogen and Milo to be sat with Mrs Hudson and Sherlock to be gallivanting round the streets of London on a case. This was not what met her on her return though; it was the most unexpected sight that greeted her instead. The flat was almost completely silent as she entered making her panic for the wellbeing of her husband and children. The panic was almost over instantly as she heard giggles emanating from the nursery.

“Daddy, no!” She smiled upon hearing the squeals of Imogen through the many peals of laughter.

“Come on Immy, it’s bedtime.” He sighed following the toddler as she ran out of her room on chubby legs. This sight was soon followed by a wide eyed Milo who was already dressed for bed crawling along the floor. His eyes lit up as he caught sight of his mother standing in the doorway.

“Mummy.” Imogen beamed running into Molly’s open arms. “Tell Daddy he is wrong and I don’t need no bath cos I am not going to bed.” Imogen ranted looking into her mother’s eyes. “I is a big girl mummy!”

“I know you are baby, but do you want to be sleepy for nursery tomorrow and if you are good and have a bath your daddy may read you an extra story or he might sing to you.” Molly smiled trying to persuade her daughter to join in with bedtime.

“2 stories and daddy sings to me?” She asked with her bright sparkling eyes that mirrored her father’s in shape and colour.

“Why don’t you ask Daddy as he is the one you want to do this.” Molly smiled placing her daughter on the floor and watching her walk over to Sherlock.

“Daddy, pwease can I have 2 stories and you singing to me?” She asked elongating every word and giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

“Of course, but you have to behave at bath time and no more than two stories.  Do we have a deal Imogen?”  He replied with a smile as he bounced his 3 year old daughter in his arms.

“Deal.” She beamed running towards the bathroom.

Sherlock turned to his wife before he followed his daughter into the bathroom. “Hello love, why don’t we talk once the children are in bed.” He sighed leaning down to peck her lips as Imogen called for him from the bathroom.

Molly leant down to the floor and picked up Milo who seemed content on hugging her leg whilst staring up at his mother. “Hello baby boy, how about we get you to bed.” She smiled kissing his soft baby hair. Unlike Imogen who was a mini female version of Sherlock in looks, Milo was a combination of the both of them. He had light brown curls paired with Sherlock’s azure eyes and her own petite nose. He was still a chubby baby due to his age, but Molly could see that he would eventually have Sherlock’s sharp bone structure.

She bounced the 7 month old in her arms before carrying him through to the nursery, telling him of her day as part of their nightly ritual. Of course she left out the gruesome details of the autopsies to prevent moulding his mind at a young age. Another reason was because that was Sherlock’s own way of interacting with their children; recently he had even begun to show Imogen the basic skills of deduction.

She read the baby a story and waited for him to fall asleep until joining Sherlock in their daughter’s room, but not interrupting the time father and daughter had together. She smiled as she stood in the doorway watching on at the scene that was being played out before her; neatly 2 books were stacked on her bedside cabinet showing that Sherlock was just about to sing to her.

 Imogen’s eyelids were drooping as her need for sleep increased; Sherlock’s voice was enough to lull even the deadliest of criminals to sleep.  Well, that was probably an exaggeration but his voice truly was mesmerizing whether he was just reading or he was singing. Sat in the chair by the bed Sherlock started to sing one of his own compositions, the fluidity of the melody almost brought Molly to tears. As the last few notes of his voice floated out Molly moved to stand next to him.

Both parents kissed their daughter good night and left. If anyone had told Sherlock 10 years ago that he would have a wife and family in the future, he would have just laughed at the absurdity of the ludicrous idea. Now, he knew could not live without them and he would never feel more pride than he did when he was with his family.

Swim Suit

I smile from across the beach as I see the three boys finally arriving. I was the only to wake up early so I had decided to just hit the beach and swim before they came. “Hey, you three! so glad you could finally make it! the water is fantastic!!” It was exhilarating to wake up to the warm ocean waters and I was bursting with delight as I shouted to them. I had not expected the three very distinct reactions I received when they saw me though. I stopped in my tracks and looked down and did a spin… was there something wrong with my suit? Did I look strange? What is going on?

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Who are your top 5 favorite Sherlolly blogs?

Well, I have WAAAAY more than 5 favorites. I really do love so many Sherlollians and their blogs. I will say though, that the ones I probably stalk visit most often are:



Sherlolly (AKA Nocturnias)




And as a bonus, DEFINITELY go to 


Considering that one really is a TRUE Sherlolly blog. :)

But, as I said before, those are just 6…er 7….OF my favorites. I love everyone’s blogs so very much, and everyone in the Sherlolly tag/ship has something wonderful to contribute to it, so please scroll through the tag and discover them as well. I’ve made some wonderful friends that way! 



My post has been filled with beauty! Over the summer I have acquired some gorgeous stuff. And today, I finally got the last of my society6 order.

Acuigapfrejhlbfbcu. I am in love, I have prints from ArtByLexie, Nicole and Alice X. Zhang along with throw pillow covers. I was so excited when the pillow covers came today :) and the beautiful art has brought just the right amount of extra fandom brilliance to my new room!

So yes, if you have the money and manage to catch a free shipping day (which I had been waiting for over a month for, considering my original shipping costs would have been almost equal to the stuff I was buying.) Go to society6 (and the BBC shop) and buy this hugely and gloriously talented people’s art.

Some of the best post I’ve ever received, and that (along with cuddles from my mum) made me feel just that bit better today.

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"Oh, what a hilarious joke. You're so witty." Sherlock rolls his eyes, resisting a scoff. He didn't believe her.

My Muse is pregnant and has just told your Muse that they are the father. How do they react?

“Mr. Holmes, I am being perfectly serious.” Of all the times The Woman has ever joked about something/someone, this one will never be one of them. Poor Irene was already starting to experience the complications that came with being with child.