NOCEUR; (n.) one who sleeps late or not at all 

THIS IS NOT A NORMAL NETWORK // EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS THE RULES WILL IMMEDIATELY BE ACCEPTED, NO MATTER WHAT // this is a place for anyone who wants to gain followers over the summer and make friends ˚₊*(ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)*₊˚⁎

+ R U L E S

basically just wait for an invite in ur email and BAM ur in a network

when u get accepted, please follow as many members as u can ok

The Darkest Minds Fanmix; [listen]

O'Children - Nick Cave | Better Days - Edward Sharpe Mag Zeros | Wouldn’t It Be Nice - Beach Boys | I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab for Cutie | Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine | All I Want - Kodaline | You Are My Sunshine - The Civil Wars | Nothing Left to Say - Imagine Dragons | Start a Riot - Jetta

Teen Wolf Themed

say what yes what here’s some blogrates for u guys since I’m rlly bad at getting to work 

  • mbf scott + stiles
  • reblog this post 
  • like’s are icky 
  • send us “I’m the hot girl.” for a blograte like this!


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Let's get down to business.

Okay guys. This is important. I’m seriously super excited to be a nominee in these tumblrs awards for ‘Content Creators’. But I need your help. 

If you would please go HEREand vote for 'fantasmickdisney’ I would be forever grateful. In fact, if you vote, and then send me which vote number you were HEREI’ll give you a blograte/promo. Whichever one you’d like. 

AND AS A BONUS one person, randomly selected will get a personalized graphic. Anything they want. Within reason. I’ll use a generator alright?

So please please please vote for 'fantasmickdisney’ HEREand send me your number for a prize!!




Thank u and may the odds be ever in ur favor.

i’d also rlly appreciate it if you’d reblog this post thank

ay ay ay lovelies so the end of the school year is coming up!1!! i decided to do a tumblr awards but its actually a yearbook waht omg

!!! r u l e s !!!
  • mbf this french fry
  • rebloge pls
  • ends june 9
  • chosen based off selfie/mine tag +/or #(your url)
!!! s u p e r l a t i v e s !!!
  • artsy fartsy
  • best shoulder to cry on
  • social butterfly
  • cutest smile
  • best dressed blog
  • fanfic pro
  • partners in crime
  • most likely to be tumblr famous
  • best tags
  • most pinchable cheeks
!!! p r i z e s !!!
  • bragging rights
  • unlimited promos
  • potato sweggin
  • spot in yb pg 4evr
  • de love of mia yah

now go watch this cutesy penguin cam

ayyy so this is N O T a normal tumblr awards- all of the winners + runner ups will also have the option to be in the celestial elite network so u basically u win double the fun woopwoop

to apply:
  • mbf the  solar  system
  • reblog this post
  • opt: tag a post with #celestialelites on why u want to win and become a member
+ I N F O R M A T I O N {under the cut}

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sorry for crap graphic pls marvel in hermione’s correct dress color

phoenix and mia are doing a botm together bc #swag


  • mbf tweedle dee and tweedle dum
  • reblog this (likes not counted but allowed)
  • ends march 31 with two runner ups
  • no polls bc ew polls


  • +follows from both of us yey
  • eternal love 
  • unlimited promos for the month at request
  • links to ur bloggie on ours


  • multi/fandom blog pls
  • a cutie pie url
  • gorgeous theme
  • brownie points for tag system
  • supah fabulous and sweet person behind the blog bc thats what really matters uwu

good luck to everyone and have a good day/afternoon/night


a valentine themed tumblr awards to spread the love <3



  • the be mine award (best url)
  • the candy heart award (best icon)
  • the cupid arrow award (best theme)
  • the my bloody valentine award (best spn)
  • the honeydukes award (best hp)
  • the sexy souffle award (best dw)
  • the be my khaleesi award (best got)
  • the my precious award (best tolkein)
  • the best valentine maker (best creations)
  • the sweetheart award (friendliest blogger)
  • sophie’s valentine (sophie’s fave blog)
  • mia’s valentine (mia’s fave blog)
  • the one true love award (best overall)


  • every single person to enter this will receive a sweet vday msg from one of us (anon or not)

winners receive

  • promos on request to both of us
  • links in both of our hover tabs
  • eternal love

best overall receives

  • poem from mia (must request/give prompt)
  • a fanmix from sophie 

this will end 9pm on February 14th EST

( ˘ ³˘)❤  happy valentine’s day cuties!

url inspired poetRy? owo
  • i have been lacking in the inspiration dept lately soooo
  • mbf this flappy bird addict
  • reblog this *unlimited*
  • ill pick urls that inspire me and dedicate a poem to u yayyy