remember when it wasn't cool to be smart on tumblr?

i swear y'all follow trends on the internet faster than you can handle in real life… cause y'all was knocking people like me and akilah (theelectricrelaxation) that had the “nerve” to drop some knowledge on y'all on topics like modern day racism and what’s wrong with hip hop and how the government and media has brainwashed y'all… y'all was so quick to attack but now y'all rocking ankhs on your blogs and don’t even know the meaning of ‘em, all into malcolm x without knowing his purpose, wanna speak on modern day racism but only the shit you hear on TV… everybody wanna go natural and be a radical, intellectual african american but only if they have “good hair”, wanna smoke weed and act like you gettin’ money when you was the ones complaining about swag rappers talking about how much weed they smoke and hating on young entrepreneurs starting businesses before they graduated high school… claiming you listen to 90’s hip hop but can’t name a tribe song past “can i kick it”… the list goes on and on… and that’s no shade, that’s just real rap. i’ll see what y'all move onto next, the real ones will remain standing when it’s all said and done.

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  • love love love her. she’s bold and beautiful and not here for the bullshit. i love seeing her face all up and down my blog. what’s great about following her is that she’s not just some kid with a blog; she has this deep understanding that the world is fucked up, something that it usually takes people years to figure out. i love that she does what she wants. it’s amazing and i’m so happy i follow her


  • i don’t believe we’ve had interactions before, but the blog looks great. seems like a person i would like to get to know.
  • there is nothing like being an old fart and being inspired by people younger than me. and she, she inspires me. tumblr has this way of creating online personas; you never know if the person someone is on their blog is how they actually live their lives. but i’ve spoken to her outside the blog life and she is this passionate loving young woman who is only here for black uplift and is passionate about her religion as well. she’s a badass and reminds me of a young me. and that arrogant jerk inside of me smiles everytime i make that kind of connection with something she posts
For Maryam

I never really day dreamed about the perfect woman

Like most men do 

But what happens when you’re finished?

Left empty inside and your dreams deminished

Sometimes I sit and day dream about my own girl

It’s like I love everything about her

The way she smiles when I’m mad

Or the way she dances when she’s glad

See it’s not the big shit that really stands out

It’s the little shit 

Like the faces she makes when she pouts

Right down to the way she moans

Or when she’s calling my name

I love that she’s not a clone

She does her own thing

I like the way her eyes close when she’s in pleasure

The way I love this girl, there is no measure

My mind has Maryam on it 24/7

Talking to her everynight is close to heaven

And hearing her tell me she loves me are the pearl gates

Goddamn I wish I could see her beautiful face

Up close to me just before the kiss

There’s not one conversation I won’t miss

I feel the saddest when she isn’t here

when I’m with her, there’s nothing I fear

This girl is that one in a million

I love her so much it’s like for her im feignin 

She’s aggressive like a taurus

It’s almost unreal like a capricorn

There’s nothing that can stop us

I can’t wait until our first child is born

I know they’ll look like her

And for that I can’t wait

When they speak their first words

I won’t hesitate

To cry a few tears

of nothing but happiness

Even though it’s going to take a few years

I wouldn’t wait on anything but this

This Queen is mine and she’s on my throne

I can’t wait to bring her to my home

And show her what’s good

and show her what’s up

Show her how much I love her

Without trying to fuck

Or I could save that for later

Shit you never know

She’s the highs to my lows

And the right to my left

She motivates me everyday

She’s like the star to my crest

So Salaam to my Queen

Nothing can match your beauty

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this is about right lol only people missing are samanthafitzgeraldmusicblog & the-weekndovoxo