Today I finished reading this book and it is an incredible tale of survival and the power of hope. I loved the book from beginning to end, and I felt closure with the happy ending. Such a wonderful read!

The first time I played Halo: CE on the original Xbox and ran into a Hunter, I screamed and jumped away. However, each time I play the level “Keyes” and come across the part where the Flood are over running the two Hunters, I feel sad for them. Of course, I run in and save their asses only to find myself jumping away again.

This was written on a wall in the women’s restroom at my college, and I took a picture.

I thought it was interesting. Did a quick internet search and come across this.

Not sure where the actual quote came from, but like I said, interesting… 


Recently saw these brain stimulating movies and I really enjoyed them. Both movies make you think about your life in different ways. Cloud Atlas makes you think about your life connection between pre-womb and afterlife. Another Earth makes you think about your life choices and if there’s another you out there, would the other you have made the same choices.


Here is the mix armor set I put together and I am loving it. I am also excited that I finally got the greatsword skin I have been wanting since the beginning. I plan to enjoy this while I can, since there will be new armor/weapon skins in the future.