Recently saw these brain stimulating movies and I really enjoyed them. Both movies make you think about your life in different ways. Cloud Atlas makes you think about your life connection between pre-womb and afterlife. Another Earth makes you think about your life choices and if there’s another you out there, would the other you have made the same choices.

So I’m just throwing in random weapons using my dungeon tokens and so far I’ve gotten junk exotics, then bam, Chaos Gun. Not thinking much, I’m like great, thanks mystic forge. Let’s see…(thinks for a minute)…wait, omg it’s worth 520g on the trading post!!! I’m thinking wtf, why! Then realize it’s an effing precursor…I just got my 2nd precursor (first from mystic forge). Totally awesome :D

I’m going for Bolt, so this will help fund it :D