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*Looks at the doctor in surprise* "Oh my, oh my oh my oh my.... Your the doctor? The Doctor... The doctor with the flying Tarids?? Do my eyes betray me? I'm in the Tardis... Oh my gosh, I'm in the Tardis, I'm in the Tardis with the doctor. THE DOCTOR!!" *Takes a deep breath.* "Good evening Doctor, I'm Kristina. It's a pleasure to meet you at last." *She smiles*

**He smiled at her reaction to him and nodded** That would be me, yes. The one and only.

WELL… technically there’s probably billions of me located throughout different times and places in the universe… But! That’s a different story! Anyway! Brilliant to meet you, Kristina!

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Her eyebrows raise in surprise. "You have randomizers? That's brilliant! Although, you'll get a lot of random pop-ins. Like me of course, but then again I already knew you. Coincidence? I think not! Destiny brought us here together. The only question is why?" She taps her head in thought..

Weeell, they do say everything happens for a reason! Although… the reason is never really clear in the beginning, is it?