thee wilt chamberlain

It’s so hard to articulate a gratitude that runs deeper than a mere “thanks.”

You were probably there so you know, but we had a release party last night for our new record. What’s a stronger word than party?! The twins and I had to sit for a few minutes together after it all died down just in complete awe of what just happened. In awe of all of you guys! How did we get here, you know? We were expecting to have an awesome night with friends, but what we got was so much more than I can even wrap my head around. I always wondered why anyone would want an autograph from us, we’re just three nerds, your friends. But a simple signature on Susana’s knees or a picture made so many of you so happy, which in turn had us grinning from ear to ear all night. I think we even signed some body parts?! And so many new faces! Whoa!

And our boys! In Thee Wilt Chamberlain and Woolly Bushmen! Right?! Russell’s got the new speaker setup sounding unbelievable and their sets blew me away. I can’t wait to hear what Tantrum Dan was able to squeeze out of his new recording setup! It seems like everyone in town is stepping up their game, and it shows. Thank you gentlemen, thank you Russell for making my bass drum sound like an 808, thank you Phil for letting us have the show at Peacock, thank you DJ for always letting us use your truck and helping load and unload and carry and… thank you Lisa for running the merch table like a BOSS, thank you ML and Val at Astro Girl for putting together a piece of art for us that everyone can enjoy, thank you Bao and Jason and the Weekly for promoting the shit out of the show, thank you Holly for having a birthday and thank YOU, EVERYONE, for being there. Seriously. For coming out and showing us love like no one else can. Thank you.

We hope that you enjoy your records and the love we put into them. Play them loud, play them with friends, learn all the words, start to listen to it so much that once one song ends you know how the next song starts and you’ve already got it going in your mind! (That’s the new Big Eyes record for me right now!)

We are going on tour many miles from home starting next Wednesday, but we will always be Orlando’s girls. I hope I never forget how this feels.



Who’s there? Aren’t you pleased at the way it’s blowin up here at Mills 50 tonight? Thee Wilt Chamberlain and Telethon are at Will’s, ATTIC and The Pauses are gettin Substance-ial, and Knife Hits n No Qualms holdin it down at LMGA. Saturday you’ve got the Josh Dulcie three-pack at Will’s with Khann, Great Deceivers, and Basements of Florida, not to mention the shows at all the venues between Peacock and Wally’s. That’s my hood!

The shows are $10 a night. A Thurs-Sun pass is $30 and gets you Sunday afternoon in Audobon Park with us.

¡ ¿ OYG ? !