Okay okay okay goodness gracious kids

I’m going to make a nice little list

theduppydem aka savitabhabbi

they’re pretty much the same person you guys

in fact, i would almost go so far as to say they ARE the same person

so like, engaging with them is fun and joyous because oh man we can’t believe there’s actually someone this dumb loose on the internet

but they’re a troll guys

not really worth the brain cells.

(this isn’t a collection call, or the tone police, just general info i thought y'all might want)

crackerpoison  asked:

can you please stop perpetuating your ignorance on this blog, you clearly have NO idea what you're talking about

well it was just sundown in a small white town, they call it eastside palmdale,

when the afroman walked through the white land, houses went up for sale,

well, i was standin’ on the corner sellin’ rap cds, when i met a li'l girl named jan,

i let her ride in my caddy ‘cause i didn’t know her daddy was the leader of the ku klux klan