wow i just read what knoxville wrote about ryan dunn. its heartwrenching. i could not imagine losing a best friend like that. losing my grandma was bad enough but she also did live a long full life. with my friends now, if i were to lose one. it would be like losing a limb. i couldnt imagine it nor will i ever want to. with that said, i constantly think of my best friends and how awesome and special they all are.

Drew- seriouly youve been around most of my adult life and im so damn lucky you came in while you did. You listen and listen, and your the most understanding person i know. and how amazing is it that our thought process is sorta always on the same wave length. lol you have so much potential in life, and no matter where life takes us, ill always be your biggest fan. your deserve all the success in the world and ill always be here for you.Never settle, keep fighting the good fight, and in the meantime dont lose who you are. I know these days you question it, and i see you struggle. but your an amazing person. You have the world at your fingertips.

Colleen- thanks for always being my rock. everyones rock. if i needed cheering up, your always the lets get up and go person! youve never sat on your butt and just accepted life as it was. you always make it better!!

I just needed to say these things today. IN case anything ever happens to me or to them, i just need people to know how much i look to them and apreciate them. anyhow, lets keep moving people. on to better and brighter days.

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Just take your shirt off bro, i know the ladies wanna see that bod ;)

Funny you should say that Drew. After the gym today I was so impressed looking at myself in the mirror coming out of the shower that I tried taking a bunch of pictures. They all made me either look like I was fat, or purposely flexing. Deleted.

Yes, I’m just another woman with body image issues.