Jalapeño mayo on errthang. ‘Round these parts, the kids call me the Spice King (they don’t) and I brandish a Sriracha staff and a cape embellished with black chilli. Flame grilled patties are a favourite and it takes me back to the days I almost landed a job at Hungry Jacks.


Here’s a fire-breathing, spice delight - my Dragon Burger! D:<


Phnom Penh!

On my last day in Phnom Penh I met up with Peap Tarr, acclaimed art bandit and super-thug nice guy. Being the busy man that he was, we we able to just squeeze in a paint amongst the protesting and pre-christmas madness. Peap educated us on both his back story and the art scene in Cambodia.

Trotting on behind markets and stores that come to the lip of the road, we found a nice little space where children were playing soccer with a bamboo ball. As soon as we started to throw paint onto the walls, the children gathered and laughed. Peap lent them some brushes and his paint and they all joined in on the fun! We both smashed out some quick things - the local paint was terrible, but it was sure fun!

An amazing way to end the trip, painting a big production with one of South-East Asia’s finest artists and future artisans on Phnom Penh!

Now to Malaysia!