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Hello, Sleuth! I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but I recalled that many ASOUE fans thought that the S in S. Theodora Markson, but stood for Sunny, but aren't the Baudelaires named after dead Snickets? Which in case, Thedora is a) a Snicket b) dead?

And a good morrow to you, @antisocialarchives​!

It’s never said that the Baudelaire orphans are named after dead Snicket. What they say specifically is that their family names children after dead people and that the Snickets do that too. This is actually an echo to a number of Ashkenazic traditions.

“I could not ask for better,” Kit said quietly. “Name the baby after one of your parents, Baudelaires. The custom of my family is to name a baby for someone who has died.” “Ours too,” Sunny said, remembering something her father had told her when she had inquired about her own name. “Our families have always been close,” Kit said, “even if we had to stay apart from one another. Now, finally, we are all together, as if we are one family.
[The End, Chapter Thirteen]

Technically the Baudelaire orphans are named after Arlene Violet, Claus von Bülow and Sunny von Bulöw, the main protagonists of the von Bülow case. Beatrice and Bertrand had considered naming Violet after Lemony Snicket if she had been born a boy, but that was only because they thought him dead at the time (and also, theoretically, because some doubt remained about Violet’s biological father).