I was going to hold off posting a picture of this boutique, but I had it set up and was feeling everything about it. It’s made of plastic canvassing materials and I planned on buying a new doll to be its owner, but that would take a couple months so why not post a picture~
[Also, don’t mind my bad quality pictures. My original picture taking little desk lamp broke and the next best thing for me is a larger desk lamp I have, and It’s harder for me to work with]


To make the headboard & footboard;

- cut some paper to fit inside them both (I’d suggest coloring the paper at this point to match the frame cause you can kinda see the white paper between the sticks)

- cut the popsicle sticks to fit the cut out (I actually did a little pattern where the the rows are at a diagonal) 

- glue the popsicle sticks in place

- cut the excess popsicle sticks and paper that keep the boards from fitting the frame

- and then you just glue them in place~

[For extra support, I glued four dowels to the back of the boards]


How to make a doll standing TV~

1-4 (follow the same first 4 steps as the wall mounted TV)

5- cut out a smaller sheet of cardboard for the back of the TV for extra support

6- use something to create the base (I used Popsicle sticks, but you could also use cardboard or whatever else you can find)

7- permanent marker the boarder and base (and the back if you wish)

8- add a layer of glue~ (this one wasn’t finished drying yet in the last picture~)

Ok, so do y'all remember that reply button; you know the one that was taken away not so long ago? Well, it being taken away is disturbing my soul right now. Initially I really didn’t care about it being gone given that I didn’t use it much, but when I was prepared to leave a lovely reply on something and then came to the realization that it was gone; I died a little on the inside. Especially with realizing that a lot of you communicate with me that way… This is just a little rant of mine; have a lovely day all~