Tiny follow Sunday of followy-ness.

This isn’t a proper follow friday/sunday. I’ll do one properly next week. I just want to mention a small number of names who I’ve either reblogged obsessively or spoke to a lot this week. These blogs are just lovely…

agarfields -Flawless. There are no words to describe the awesomeness of person or blog. Frankly it is truly ridiculous and I still can’t get over her following me. Though I’m sure it was a freak accident and now it’s just too awkward to unfollow. I would say go follow but everyone already is so..

crooked -CJ’s tags are the funniest in the world. CJ is the most wonderful person in the world. Anyone who hasn’t been over to her blog should go now because it’s ALMOST as wonderful as her.

my-heart-is-a-horcrux - Sarah is British. And awesome. Everyone loves her blog but I don’t think many people realise just how nice she is as a person as well. I actually love her. It’s ridiculous.

Iloveeveryoneinthisbar Hannah is too nice for tumblr and should be made to put some kind of warning on her blog. “Do not follow unless you want to be SUCKED in forever”

awk-wardo Jaci is so so lovely. She is sweet as treacle and her blog is genius. Go and take a look.

myrandomheart -Michelle always leaves lovely msgs in my inbox. Her blog is the cutest thing ever. She is LOVELY.

thedoctoriscool -Meenu is one of the sweetest people I’ve met on tumblr. Her blog is so good but she’s also really, really friendly and it’s obvious to everyone who followes her.

do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin - UGH. I actually have so little to say in order to do Mia justice. All i can say is that when she is off ‘break’ or whatever she’s on that allows her to be around during my day I think I’m going to suffer from withdrawal.

kirklandsexparty- May is too lovely for words. And recently has gone back to reblogging. Most excellent taste in the world.

sporkula - I’m not going to call her Ellie as I think it’s a bit weird when she doesn’t know me but her blog is flawless and she is really lovely so. 

Actually. Everyone I follow. Seriously. And the people I dip into blog-wise. I just… Tumblr is such a beautiful place. There are so many people who should be here but I’m tired of this effort already. You’ll all be on my next follow friday. :)