Greetings in the Graveyard

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Clara was in the graveyard she visited often with a camera balanced on one of the stones as she figured out the shot she was going to take. Behind her, she heard rustling in the grass. “Ah- ah- whoever you are, don’t move. You’re going to mess up my shot.”

But the moment - whatever it was she had wanted to capture - had passed and she sighed before turning around to face whoever had interrupted her.

“So who’re you then? I don’t normally see anyone else passing through here. Most people think it’s creepy.”


Torvic fiddles with the cube. His hands slipping. He needs help. There was no way around it. None of the scanner were working and the Tardis seemed to just being able to hold life support for him.

‘This is TARDIS exploratory x517. There has been accident. All senor members have died and failed to regenerate. Crew only resides myself. TARDIS heavily damaged. No idea where am……. Send help…..please.’

+ the-doctor-infinitum

You intolerable man! Where have you been running off to this time? -she huffs then, lifting her raggedy dress slightly as she practically storms toward the man. Foolish man. Foolish man who she’s trying to patting down and pull the hair of, tilting his head with that silly chin of his before shoving her fingers into his mouth to try and pry it open and have a right good look. No boundaries.- 

Well. -and she huffs, stepping back with arms folded. Every part the aloof mother hen.- At least you’re in one piece, I suppose.



The Doctor, alias John Smith, The Oncoming Storm, Maximus Pettulian, Doctor Caligari, Doktor von Wer, Doctor Walters, Doctor Bowman, The Bringer of Darkness, President of the High Council of the Time Lords, Mr. Spock, Doctor James McCrimmon, Spartacus, or The Caretaker. 

Attached Files: First Known Face (oldandfrail.jpg), Second known face (wouldbeattractiveifhadfashionsense.jpg), Third face (dandy.jpg), fourth face (goingtoeatmeinmysleep.jpg), fifth face (irritatingandblonde.jpg), sixth face (iwishiwascolorblind.jpg), seventh face (radagast.jpg), eight face (dontletthesweetlookfoolyouhecommittedgenocide.jpg), ninth face (mmmmleatherjacket.jpg), tenth face (tolerable.jpg), and current face, his eleventh (fezzesarenotcool.jpg)

For complete history on his known actions on Earth, please see the file “Gallifrey and Earth”, this contains the Doctor’s history on the planet as well as the other known residents of the planet’s interactions with Earth, though it’s primarily about the Doctor, as he seems to have a vested interest in this solar system.

*DOCTOR- I’ve attached this file for you as well, but my mun isn’t going to sit here and type out a chronologial order of every single episode of  your documentary that she’s watched -Commander Brand*

Currently the Doctor is in his eleventh known incarnation, though his appearances on Earth are not always in chronological order. This young-looking man has mostly been seen around England and Scotland lately. (see files on Amelia Pond, Rory Williams, Brian Williams, Craig Owen). His personal chronology indicates he is currently residing with The Master (alias Harold Saxon), another Time Lord (See his file, or the write up of his conquering Earth in 2008 that no one apparently remembers. Or that time he turned every human on the planet into himself, which from the perspective of a non human surrounded by humans, was terrifying).

The Doctor may be a threat to the planet’s security, but only if a person he has attachment to is threatened (see: Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna Noble, Wilfred Motts, MORE). He has good relations with some planets, but is considered a general annoyance by others. Some races he doesn’t have a good rapport with include the Daleks, Cybermen, and other people from his own planet. 

He is about as graceful as a baby giraffe in the dark, but this shouldn’t let you take him less seriously. He can be quite formidable, and he’s just as clever as he thinks he is, unfortunately.



It was curious. Riley knew the whole town of Forks, Washington like the back of her hand, and that hadn’t been there the day before. The blue police box. It was brand new.
And she’d seen someone go into it, just a few minutes before. They hadn’t come out yet. What was he doing in there? Was he hiding? Why go into a random Police Box if hiding? Why was the Police Box even there? How had it gotten there? Did the man bring it? He wasn’t a local, that she knew for sure.
  Why was she the only one that noticed it?
She slowly approached it, walking around it. No more doors but the one in the front, nothing. It seemed ordinary enough… She walked to the front again and lifted her hand, leaving three soft raps and then waiting for the man to open up. 

Is there a sign outside saying ‘please disturb the man inside the telephone box while he’s trying to do calibrations’?!

Unless you’re in need of using the telephone.

My apologies, this isn’t actually a telephone kiosk. 

I can point you in the direction of a real one?

Luna I already talked about in Alyce’s crushlist.

Jaxxxxxxxx. I’ve been your gay lover for two years and this is just the best thing. I adore you, I adore our ships, I just gushed to you about how flawless your characters are. I love how you can give me all different kinds of feelings with just a word or a phrase. I love how you’ve made it so I can never eat M+Ms again. I love some of the awesome characters you’ve inspired me for (Eric, Hannah), even they’re only a fraction of the awesome your characters are. I never forget any of them and I miss the ones you don’t play anymore as if they were real people. Your Jack is just completely flawless and spot on. That’s why you’re so popular. You’re just fucking awesome. 

Agent Jasmine- I really like you and I like your take on the Time Agency and what things were like back in the day. It’s always hard, when characters are supposed to have even some sort of history, even just a shared workplace, sometimes headcanons don’t mesh, but I really love yours and I think these characters clicked well. Thank you.

TheDoctorInfinitum- I saw your little low RP-esteem post the other day and I think I told you how wrong I think you are. You’re amazing, and I’m just loving the fuck out of our thread. It’s awesome, bit actionadventury and awesome. Your Eleven is just this flawlessly wonderful and his personality, oh my god I can’t even. You’ve made me warm up to the character more than the show ever did. You’re just wonderful.

Andromeda- Again, told you already what I think of you, and how wonderful and balanced of an OC you write. It’s hard, to pull of what you do, but when someone is as good as you are, it’s really wonderful to see. 

Shell you gorgous hunk of awesome that floats in and out of my life like marshmallow peeps (because they only crop up at certain times. And are tasty. and lickable) I know you get a lot of hate and you don’t deserve it. You play your character well, and you know my feelings on the monogamy thing you get so much shit about. You’re lovely and strong and you play Gwen well. You took her in your own direction, put her through non-canon things and this is how she came out. It makes sense and it’s perfect.

theParadoxsurvivor- you're meticulous, consistent, and wonderful. You’re not on Lucy’s crushlist, but that is my favorite thread of ours, you really put fear into her and I love it, it’s really a good conversation, very serious, giving me lots of feels. I love Nine so I’d hate you if you didn’t do him justice, but you have his fierceness right spot on and he’s amazing. 

Thebuttononthetop- we need to play more. Period. End of story. No arguing. Sh. I said no. You’re a fucking amazing Ianto, and I am so sorry that my IC actions seemed OOC, because John was just done there, but really, I adore you and we need to play more okay okay.

CaptJackHarknessTW3- its been too long. Can we play again please? I adore your Jack and you’re just completely wonderful.

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Buck could have sworn that big blue box hadn’t been there a minute ago.

He did a double-take and shuffled over to it curiously, head cocked to one side. It was solid, and wooden, and entirely out of place, but apparently real, because he could feel it as he experimentally pressed a finger against the door. Police Public Call Box…he’d never seen one of those before, but he was fairly certain they weren’t supposed to just appear out of nowhere–but, then again, he had been fairly certain that most dinosaurs were extinct, so he couldn’t really judge.

“Where’d you come from, then?” He said aloud to the box, absently knocking on the door. Yes, definitely solid. “Don’t you belong in a museum or somethin’?”


“You’re no oil painting yourself.”

     "Never said I was.“ 

     She wasn’t quite sure what to say. He looked older,
     but then again he was older, and their appearance
     never did quite match up with their true age, did it?

     "Long time no see? Everything alright? Well, besides the