Aeshma: The Monarch of the Fifth Circle of Hell: Wrath. 

Born near the end of the Roman Empire's existence, lived his human life as a child emperor, his life cut short by an assassination. Eternally 15, he now reigns in hell, master of all Hell Hounds and those damned to suffer in his realm. Being the King, he is quick to succumb to his own wrath, his body becoming hot, floors turning into molten rock beneath his feet. The flames bend easily to his will, and those who would dare anger him are soon burned, even those who are closest to him…

Aeshma is a moody, irrational, and a brat.

But that’s why I love him~

Also, this is the guy who’ll get to have fun with Niko when he kicks it >.>

I’m afraid I’ll never be able to scan in a picture nicely

Above after editing, below is straight up scan

Bad-end Nikolai

For the most part, my rps all follow one timeline, though down the line at some point there is a distinct split. One path, Sebastian lives, and he and Nikolai continue on with their lives as usual and only have to worry about their experiments and their son. The other path, which leads to what I’ve been calling the “Bad-end”, leads to Sebastian’s death, Nikolai gaining a few more scars and spiraling down a dark dark path…

Things, however, are starting to seem less bad down this path. What I really wanted to do was draw the Bad-end version of Niko, showcasing his new scars and non-functioning eye c:


Did you sleep well?

>I slept wonderfully

>I’ll be able to sleep much better if you come back to bed~

>I would have if somebody wasn’t hogging all the sheets…

Make your choice…

Finally!! For some unholy reason I felt the need to try and make a gif, it turned out alright, but GOD it was a pain in the arse…

The above is the original idea, just a nice lil picture of scarlet-seijuro’s character wearing Nikolai’s shirt…for reasons >.>

And then because I got lazy with the background, I realized that it made him look like he was from a dating sim…and thus the gif was born!