046-- Over the course of my entire life, I have probably listened to the voice of Frank Sinatra more than any other human being. Even including my parents.

This is from my old lastfm account:

I really only used lastfm for one year. And that was my Frank Sinatra record.

1,840 plays of Frank Sinatra songs.

The number two spot? The Beatles with only 878 plays.

The music is sweet.
The words are true.
The song is you.

036-- I don't really care about most sports. Nor am I much of an athlete (aka not at all). But I fucking love American Football. I was bred in Philadelphia Eagles territory and I BLEED GREEN FOR MY TEAM. I become a broski at games. I "asshole" people and boo players and cheer on our home team. Despite never having won a SuperBowl. SIGH.
010-- I have/had fortysome pets in my lifetime, excluding a whole bunch of fish. No, I don't live on a farm. There was just a Petco in the neighborhood. And my mom was a sucker for animals. As am I. I once prepared a list that I will share. Sadly I don't remember each animal's name. But it is as complete a list as I can make. There are some cool stories about them too, if you care to ask. I shall share the best one: We had a pet named Copper, who was a Leopard gecko. He survived in our basement on his own for seven months. He was my brother's pet, and I lost him by leaving him on the couch in our family room. And then I found him again when I was taking lettuce down to the guinea pigs in the basement. He lived for a few more years after that too.
  1. Sam - Cat
  2. Trapper - Dog
  3. Axel - Dog
  4. Bandit - Dog
  5. Charlie - Dog
  6. Charlie - Parakeet
  7. Emeril - Parakeet
  8. Chuckie - Hamster
  9. Tommy - Hamster
  10. Henry V - Hamster
  11. Miss Bianca - Hamster
  12. [Siberian Hamster 1] - Hamster
  13. [Siberian Hamster 2] - Hamster
  14. [Mouse (#?)] - Mouse
  15. [Gerbil 1] - Gerbil
  16. [Gerbil 2] - Gerbil
  17. Benjamin - Rabbit
  18. Marshmallow - Rabbit
  19. Cocoa - Rabbit
  20. Ferdinand – Guinea Pig
  21. [Calico Guinea Pig] – Guinea Pig
  22. Buzz – Guinea Pig
  23. Hairy – Guinea Pig
  24. Snickers – Guinea Pig
  25. Babu – Guinea Pig
  26. Phil – Guinea Pig
  27. Lil [+3 still born babies] – Guinea Pig
  28. [Hermit Crab 1] – Hermit Crab
  29. [Hermit Crab 2] – Hermit Crab
  30. [Hermit Crab 3] – Hermit Crab
  31. Copper - Gecko
  32. Gex - Gecko
  33. Zelda - Rat
  34. Cleopatra (who was unexpectedly pregnant) - Rat
  35. [Rat Baby 1] - Rat
  36. [Rat Baby 2] - Rat
  37. [Rat Baby 3] - Rat
  38. [Rat Baby 4]  - Rat
  39. [Rat Baby 5] - Rat
  40. [Rat Baby 6] - Rat
  41. [Rat Baby 7] - Rat
  42. [Rat Baby 8] - Rat
  43. [Rat Baby 9] - Rat
  44. [Rat Baby 10] - Rat
  45. [Fishes (many)] – Fish
  46. [Salamanders (a couple)] - Salamander
054-- I am right handed and right eye dominant and I favor my right in basically all physical things. But somehow I prefer the "goofy" footing for snowboarding/skateboarding with my left foot forward.
030-- I am excessively invested in winning the game of "IMDb that shit" because I always need to look up actors to see if I recognized them correctly in another film or television series. Otherwise I go crazy.

I won twice today while watching The Dark Knight Rises

Petyr Baelish

was some CIA cop.

SCORE! I found me an Aiden Gillen

That creepy spy guy from The Hour

Was another rando creepy guy.

SCORE! I found me a Burn Gorman

TDKR - 2 out of 2