Ok, I just felt like plugging a few blogs that I really enjoy and think deserve more followers. Without these blogs my Tumblr experience would be pretty boring so here are some blogs I want to plug. :

xwrestlingismylifex - Probably my favourite blog I follow. She is great to talk to, very sweet and helpful and makes awesome gifs and edits. She deserves more followers. She’s a good Internet friend of mine. Great Randy Orton and CM Punk fan.  

ajleefan4life - Not on Tumblr as much as she used to be but her blog is awesome. Great AJ Lee fan and is really sweet and friendly. She was my first follower that warmly welcomed me to Tumblr and I can now say is one of my best Internet friends. 

maryse0ulette - One of my absolute favourite blogs. She makes the best edits, is really cool and is an awesome Maryse fan. All-round great blog to follow. Love following her. She posts brilliant stuff.

shellybuttface - So helpful and sets the bar high for edit/gif makers in the TWC (Tumblr Wrestling Community). Her edits and gifs are amazing and is one of the best Natalya fans ever. Love following her.

thedivaconfessions - Arguably the best confessions blog in the TWC. I think the blog runner works so hard and puts in a lot of effort into making the blog great. I don’t always agree with every confession but it’s interesting to see what other people think. Great blog.

whoa-thats-so-radical-dude - Awesome blog to follow. She is one of the best CM Punk, Paige and The Shield fans I know. Very sweet and great to talk to. One of my fave Internet friends. 

There, just thought I’d plug some of my fave blogs. Hope you all don’t mind me plugging your blogs but I really enjoy them and you all are awesome. Might do some more of these blog plugs someday. :)

Honestly?............. / Important.............

I feel like deleting this blog altogether. Really I do. If it’s not one thing it’s another, like people not following the rules, people leaving bitching about these confessions to having a laptop that likes to fuck up. Yeah my laptop is fucked, it’s not switching on and stuff, my brother said it could be either the motherboard or the graphics card or something like that. So now sadly, this blog is going on a hiatus, I have no idea when my laptop will be fixed. Right now, I’m using the works computer to update from. If I do post confessions, they’ll only be shit as they’ll be made in paint. You can still confess, it’ll just take awhile. Im so sorry.

anonymous asked:

NAC - I like the owner of this blog. You seem very friendly and your blog in perfect. PLEASE don't end up being shit like TheDivaConfesssions.

Oh, Um thanks for the first sentence or two, but hey, TheDivaConfessions isn’t a shit blog. I love that blog. :) If it wasn’t for that blog TWOWConfessions wouldn’t be here!