Melanie and Grace were the Madoka and Sayaka in Grace’s pictures here, and I was Banjo on a whim [since there’s decidedly few male characters in Madoka Magica] but I’d like to think the combo wasn’t the worst in the world. The whole Keyubey thing lent itself pretty well to rectifying my lack of a Kazooie, and with Sayaka there I had a ~witch’s butt to kick heh

I threw it together in about a week so it’s not great or anything but hey, you get the idea. Plus the Jiggy and egg were fun to make so whatevs

There are so many, I really don’t know how I could name half of them, here’s a couple!

Of the ones i’ve talked to they’re incredibly nice people and they post the most amazing stuff :)

Happy 21st Birthday to my best friend in all of time and space! Lemme tell you a bit about her. 

She is fearless. She has faced so many obstacles that have tried their hardest to stop her and she looked them square in the face and punched their lights out. She has the power to do anything she sets her mind to, and there is no doubt in my mind that if for some reason one day she decided she wanted to run for president, I would eventually see her name in the polls on election day.

Also, she is a mermaid. Happy Birthday Melanie!

Follow Friday!

Since I’m not getting very many submissions for “Cosplay of the Week” and I’d like to do something special on Fridays, I’m going to try to bring back Follow Fridays.

This week I have two general cosplay blogs:

And two talented cosplayers:


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and thank god cause IR theory adjudication is not calling my name right now

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones

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1. What’s are the things that make you happy?

Thai food. Spanish. Bold Lipstick. Books that make me cry. Books that make me laugh. People that make me laugh. Johnlock. Man slaying heels. Jumping off tall things and climbing up tall things. Disney. Listening to people talk about their passions. Fires and turtlenecks. Dogs.

2. What was the greatest success of your life?

I hope to god it’s still to come.

3. What are your favourite songs?

Bump n Grind by R Kelly that’s all the world needs (alternatively Bastille is my favorite consistent band, but I’ll never have a favorite all time song)

4. What are your favourite paintings?

I never was a very good artsy artist, probably because I don’t have any favorite paintings. Alicexz is a goddess and pulls off some serious angelic shit in her work.

5. What are your favourite films?

Baby Mama is where its at you are living a loveless life if you haven’t cherished it. Frozen is a favorite right now. Monty Python and The Holy Grail. The Way Way Back.

6. What are your least favourite films?

Aguirre the Wrath of God is a meritless joke I dont care how many awards it got I hope it rots in Germanwood hell.

7. Who is one celebrity you can’t stand?

I don’t know any celebrities so I can’t exactly pass judgement. Except Martin Freeman. Prick.

8. What is your favourite era?

Is the 90s long ago enough to be an era?

9. What are your favourite things to do inside?

Watch youtube videos. Play Dutch Blitz. Read. Paint.

10. What are your favourite things to do outside?

Walk, mostly. Swim, occasionally. Run, never.

11. Tell your favourite joke.

This isn’t going to translate well to text but this kills in person and I’m aiming for the stars here:

So one whale comes up to another whale and says:


and the other whale says what

HERE’S MY 11 X-TREME QUESTIONS (they’re the same as the last time i did this tag but im pretty sure nobody did them and i still like them so):

1. You’re on a desert island with unlimited resources (except for boat building and rescue material, of course). Which A-list celebrity do you invite to spent eternity with you over 2 square miles?

2. You can meet anyone in all of time and space. Who?

3. Would you rather spend 6 months traveling a continent of your choice, or 6 months traveling the entire world (countries of your choice)? Why?

4. If you could be fluent in any language, which one? (Why is optional, sometimes “why?” following a question gives me war flashbacks to high school math tests so I totally get it if you don’t want to elaborate)

5. Quick, you have to shag a U.S. president to save the world. Which one? And no, it can’t be Kennedy.

6. Which is worse, super hick country music or super hardcore rap music?

7. It’s nothing but Mexican, Italian, Chinese, or Moroccan food for the rest of your life. Whats it gonna be?

8. Would you rather jump off a huge cliff (i.e. hanggliding, cliff jumping, paragliding, whatever floats your boat) or climb up a huge cliff?

9. What makes you nervous?

10. What’s the coolest fact you know about your family/family history?

11. What are your thoughts on mint chocolate chip ice cream?

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