“The Dining Dead is an indie-alternative band hailing from the isolated hillsides of Santa Clarita, CA. …This relatively young band will for many recall the over-driven, cautiously-optimistic tones of the 1990s. It’s almost if Emily Haines and Stephen Malkmus decided to start a band with Issac Brock playing guitar and writing all the songs. Despite their retro-active melodies, one of the main draws of The Dining Dead is that their songs are surprisingly relatable to a younger crowd, and they effectively do this without sacrificing quality songwriting. Plus, they urge you to dance during their shows, so that can never be a bad thing…” -Carlo Chavez

“They’re pretty much angels with flaming wings. That’s a good thing.” -Charlyne Yi


“Garage sweetness.”

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I Spend Most Nights Trying

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I spent the night trying
to stare god in the face
with a bottle of vodka and
a pack of cigarettes.
Michael laughed because
he says I keep looking for things
that can’t be found.
I’m constantly setting myself up
for disappointment.

The sky wore a starry face
and inviting as it may be
it was a reminder that the sun
will consume our planet one day 
and my son will be the only one that will
think of me for short periods of time,
at random moments, throughout some days.

…I guess that nothing else really matters.

I have too many questions, Mother;
none which I really want answers for.
the truth is heavy and
I’m lifting my limit.
So will you just tell me it will be okay.

A drunken embrace has
left me with blues.
He said “I’ve never kissed a stranger.”
and I asked him if he’d like to try.
Lips holding each other like hands;
It felt like EVERYTHING
to not be so alone for one moment.

In your car,
a song playing on the radio,
every note caressed my memory
like a finger ran softly down my naked spine
and I felt for the first time in a long time
not afraid of everything.