Please Hold for Mr. Putin

A Russian tradition flatters writers in a culture where literature has special prestige. But the surprise also promotes the cult of the unpredictable czar.

“Russian writers enjoy almost sacred status. Mandelstam reflected that poetry was so respected in Russia, “people are killed for it.” He perished in the gulag. Under Stalin, artists weren’t dissidents; all they hoped was to survive and write. Today’s Russia is still worryingly unsafe: journalists have been assassinated, oppositionists beaten, the punk protesters Pussy Riot imprisoned.”

Plays need to ask a question, not provide an answer…When society is in a state of denial or repression — when we deny the existence of the spiritual, as we did through the Reagan-Bush years and as was true in the Soviet Union when Bulgakov was writing, then we must suffer the consequences. And by spiritual, I mean ordinary goodness…In the 60’s language was suspect because we were being lied to by religious leaders and politicians. I’m constantly trying to re-find the route of the word, to speak from the heart rather than from the head.

Jean Claude Van-Itallie 

Speaking to William Harris of NYT in 1993. 

Habbo Hotel - The Master and Margarita

“Habbo Hotel is a virtual online world, similar to Second Life. My character (LAYishh) host a series of "hotel rooms” in which I appropriated to fit The Master and Margarita. Create a character to enter the world of The Master & Margarita, upon entering the hotel on the navigator box search “LAYishh” to explore the rooms!“

Link to Direct Website

Link to Margarita’s Room

Link to Stalin’s Lair

Link to the Devil’s Ball

Created by Alasijah Jones.
DJ Bulgakov
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I live in London but originally from Russia. Music professor in school and DJ for freelance work. I create music mostly inspired by books and also …

“I created a person who finds his music inspiration mostly in books and likes to create sound effects from stories, especially for the characters of ‘The Master and Margarita’ world. The purpose is to propose, comment and share the music and playlist of the characters through the social network you prefer.”

Created by Richard Wohlfeil.
Professor Woland (mastermargarita)
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Professor Woland is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. “A Pinterest account maintained to promote the Variety Theatre’s horrible upcoming attractions, provide teasers of what attendees of "Professor Woland’s Masquerade” will be experiencing at the ball, and gather suggestions for said ball from unwitting Pinterest fans.“ Created by Jesse Penber.
One Hell-of-a-Family
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Voltram (the devil) comes to town with his family to reek havoc.

“Walmart is being taken over, Most popular themes in Movies "Dark Arts” and people are going wild for them. Social contracts are illegal and money is shifting to new and unknown global entities. How is all this happening?“

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Created by Marie Hervey.
Tears and Thunder

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“Tears and Thunder is the blog of Lisa Markin a New Media major SUNY Purchase. The blog is her journal of school activities, hobbies, pictures, feelings about the people in her life as well as her dreams. Her posts document the unfolding of events that lead to her own discovery of what truly connects her to the events of Master & Margarita.”

Created by Luke Weber.