Dragon Roost Island (Guitar/Violin)
  • Dragon Roost Island (Guitar/Violin)
  • Jake McCoy & TheDelRe

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Hey how about another awesome cover since I haven’t posted anything in awhile? CSGuitar89 and TheDelRe covering Wind Waker Credits. I really love this theme and how it effortlessly blends so many different themes from the game together. I enjoy listening to it with my good headphones and just taking in all the different levels. And these two dudes made an awesome cover, so give it a listen!

PS I am making good progress on Skyward Sword, I think I’m right before the Pirate’s Hideout. So my review shouldn’t be too far away!


I just need this on my blog okay.


Twilight Princess remixes! I have a bunch of good ones to post. This one of the Hyrule Field theme is a collab by TheDelRe and Jam2995. I posted their Great Sea collab awhile back, but I think I like this one better.

So I generally don’t post about graphics in my review posts, because I personally don’t see graphics as that big a deal in a game. But I still want to talk about how damn pretty Twilight Princess is. Hyrule Field is scenery porn at it’s best, with all the giant canyons and old ruins everywhere. I love that you can just circle around the whole giant field without a loading screen, riding on Epona and listening to this theme. It’s gorgeous. And the lighting around the twilight hours is awesome. The occasional weather effects are a nice touch as well. I don’t actually mind the colour pallet that the game has going, even though it’s often criticized for it. It looks good.