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Bonnie and Kol

  • Name:Nathan Mikaelson and Emily Mikaelson
  • Gender: One Male One Female
  • General Appearance:Nathan- Brunette hair,green eyes, spitting image of Kol. Emily- Brunette hair, green eyes, spitting image of Kol
  • Personality:Nathan has a temper, very short fused and arrogant. Girls fawn all over him because of it. But while arrogant like his father, Nathan he has a gentle and protective spirit like his mother. Nathan tends to hide this side of himself because knows how people will take advantage of it. Emily is definitely girl Kol, she has no problem with draining a human if they piss her off. Like her older brother Nathan, Emily is protective of her family. She’s the farthest thing from gentle though. She’ll call you out on your stupidity in a blink of an eye and make you feel so small and insignificant you’ll never leave your bed again and if you do, you won’t have the balls to look her way.  
  • Special Talents:Nathan loves sports, especially Baseball. Emily is every girly so she loves Ballet and gymnastic, like her mother. But Emily is also like her father so she knows how to swing a bat, making sure her target feels like hell whenever they wake up.
  • Who they like better:Nathan is a mama’s boy most of the time and Emily is loves her dad.
  • Who they take after more:Both take after Kol more
  • Personal Head canon: Neither Nathan or Emily like Damon, Jeremy or Elena. Damon because he tried to kill their mother on numerous occasions and broke her heart. Jeremy because he was gullible to believe their father would actually take any kind of interest in him and not to mention him cheating Bonnie with GHOST. Elena because she rubs them the wrong way.