~8 Years McFLY♥~

Thanks for exist and change my life, I remember the first time I heard and know you, I never would have imagined that I would love you so much. :’)

You  make me smile when I most need , whenever I’m sad I feel good when i see or listen  you .. even though we live many miles away and do not know personally but I love you with all my heart and I do not regret having known and that you changed my life. McFLY Happy 8 years!

~Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever~

I don’t have the best English, so forgive me for my mistakes but sometimes you have to risk. Maybe you’ll never read this or know about this, but I gotta say. 

A lot of people can call me a poser or something like that. The truth is that I’m not your biggest fan, even the most dedicated, much less the craziest. To be honest, I like some songs from one cd, some of the other and I didn’t care to much in the past. But … I have a friend. And she means a lot to me. And you mean, after all, a lot to her. So one thing leads to another, isn’t it? No. It’s not that way. I learned to like you. And I learned because of her.

Me and my friend had passed through so many things and stupid things moving us away. I don’t have many friends and I feel lonely most of the time. So … losing her was too painful for me.

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to get out of this sadness. I had the support of another friend, but … I missed her so much.  Then, through a mutual friend, we started playing an online game. And… she always used quotes of your musics and she always showed pictures of you. So… I started to interest me more about what she was talking so much. Not in the same way, and the same intensity, but in a way that we came back to talk. 

A few weeks later, you announced to come to Brazil and suddenly we’re combining to go on the show together and stay together at my aunt’s house enjoying the wonders of Rio de Janeiro. I was so scared to be with her alone in the house of my aunt. A silly fear, a fear that together again, (we live in different cities), things could go wrong. 

And it really did. All other people with whom I impoter were cruel to me and her. These people have hurt me a lot and I got to crying several times because of it. But this isn’t the point. We disregard all this and focus on the show.

About the show… it was amaizing! We stayed in separate queues, because I’m not a citizen of SuperCity, and I got with a friend in the normal queue. We spoke to while waiting, and laughed a lot on the roads. Perhaps if our mutual friend wasn’t with us (and we both save money so she could go too), things had been different. But I don’t care about that, because the way it was, even with the bad parts, it was special. I cried a lot in the show of emotion, of course. It was very important and special to be there, despite having slept little and another things.

I’m a closed person, and suffer alone. I don’t like talking about things I feel for anyone and maybe that’s my biggest mistake. But … it was you and your music that made me change and fix this and talk to her about my problems and then solve it. 

It’s not like before, but we’ll get back to what we were. Each day a step back to the friends we always were. And I’ll never be able to thank or pay for what you represent in my life now. I’m still not being the best fan, but I admire you as people and as artists. I see in you and your lyrics the opportunity to get everything I want. It’s not always easy, but … your music is here to remind me that no matter what I do, first I have to smile, and also… I must look into my heart and see what I really want to do because the heart never lies.

Because of you I’m having a chance to rebuild a friendship that means a lot to me, and this is the greatest gift you could have given me.  And you don’t know and probably will not even know what you gave me. But today, when you formalize eight years together… I can say, thank you for sticking together despite all the difficulties, for teaching people precious things, by involving the fans, to be kind and create music that inspires many people. Your value goes far beyond your beauty. Your value comes from how many lives you have changed, without even knowing it.

Congratulations and continue to surprise the world with your brilliance. Galaxy defenders stay forever, never get enough of you”. And if by chance you get to read this one day, please … send a kiss to @xixawood. She’ll be very happy with it. 

A big kiss,