Tweetup Moments, In No Particular Order:
  • Ruth losing her phone at the airport and crying while people stared at me like I had just beaten her
  • drinking roughly 20 beers Friday night and subsequently puking in Matt’s shower the next morning
  • Jordan, AKA the Finger Tickler
  • Rachael’s 2:00am comedic dissertation on Canadian government
  • Josh, drunk on bourbon, calling all manner of people “stupid assholes” and “dumb motherfuckers”
  • Stephen telling me how pretty I am
  • bedding Ruth two nights in a row
  • corn
  • Matt’s gay pizza
  • Joe drinking a 5 Hour Energy at 2:30am
  • Lisa’s nipple tassels
  • everybody pulling together and working as a team to prevent Amanda from making salsa
  • going to a movie with many awesome people

There were more, so many more, but these are the ones I remember instantly. A weekend with you people just isn’t enough, but we manage to create a lot of memories in the time we have. I’m looking forward to next year.

I switched from Safari to Chrome and installed Missing-e and everything is sparkly and unicorns and rainbows now. I can also do this, which I haven’t done in a while and say thanks to the people who were my companions for the last few hours of insomnia while I scrolled and hearted:


We just launched the indiegogo campaign, you can now click on the link in the bio section on Instagram, Twitter, and facebook! See you guys tomorrow for a love periscope Q&A happening at 6pm!

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In lieu of graduation day and it being my daddy’s birthday I would like to leave this here. When I graduated high school I had a plan to do more things than I have accomplished today but over the past week I have come to terms with the fact that the end goal of graduation has still been accomplished regardless of the trials and tribulations I faced. So…without further adieu…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best daddy a girl could ask for.! Even though he won’t physically be at graduation I know he’ll be walking the stage with me.! #2015 #graduate #OUAlumni #theDayHasCome #congratsToAllTheGrads