thedashingrogue replied to your post: *A black cat follows Liam from behind, mewing softly*

*The cat meows and leaps into Liam’s arms. From the opposite side, Riley steps out and clears his throat, a complacent look on his face.* I see ya made a new friend, Salem.

Liam could not contain his giddy noises as the cat willingly jumped into his arms. Which he instantly regretted once he heard another voice nearby. Fuck, now he looked like a frilly girl squealing over a cat, which apparently was named Salem.  Which meant that this super kawaii desu guy that stepped out of the shadows like a ninja was probably his owner.

“Uh…I wasn’t gonna steal it or nothin. Just wanted ta see if it was lost, but…obviously not.”

2. Why did I choose my character, and how do I choose to play him/her?

I chose Miss Pauling way back when all the ask blogs started popping up. I wanted to be a part of the craze, but I really didn’t want to be one of the mercenaries because I was fairly new to the fandom and I didn’t want to screw up characterization or anything. So that’s pretty much how I became Miss Pauling.

I try to play her as I’ve interpreted her from the comics- someone who follows orders, is kind of a sweetheart, and is secretly a badass. I don’t think I’ve quite got that down just yet though, haha.

thedashingrogue replied to your post: OOC: Not really a question ‘cause I suck at those but what if Salem and Mr. Chips were actually bros and snuck out at night and wreaked havoc on both bases because cats are bastards but in a good way ‘cause I like cats meow.

OOC: Awww. Salem would be too dumb to bribe, unfortunately. BUT WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN…SOMEHOW. Just like we can make Liam and Riley squeal about cats together…SOMEHOW.

OOC; perhaps…across the tumblrfort cosmos some kind of adorable kitty parade can bring them together, forget their rivalry, and they can join hands and rub all them kitty tummies.

thedashingrogue replied to your post: Those delicate fingers rubbed and swirled at the other’s swollen clit. She cried out as her hips shuddered, her head thrown back. Full lips grazed her neck, a pink tongue trailing across skin. Hands continued to fondle and squeeze, teasing. His eyes watched at how her breast bounced with each movement, his own fingers twitching.

OOC: I don’t know why but I just enjoy girl-on-girl so much more. THAT’S WHAT THIS IS…RIGHT?

OOC: yes this is exactly what it is and Liam is enjoying it right along with you but he would be far too mortified to admit it