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Oh my gosh, you're coming to Disneyland?! That's awesome! I live pretty close, so maybe I'll run into you = ) But anyway, Hi! I'm Shawnee. I've been meaning to talk to you for a while, because you seem nice and you recently got me back into the Percy Jackson fandom. I forgot how much I missed it!

Nope :( i’m coming to Disney World \o/ tho i want to meet you all ughhh distance sucks okay

anyway, hello Shawnee :D oh really? haha welcome back then <3

Yesterday was fun as heckie!!! After school I went over to lance’s place and saw he had his laptop on and I quickly demanded for his tablet bec man I mean it was a Wacom tablet I had to use it while I was in his house so I drew this (it was amazing) and at some point I decided to just stay over at another class mate’s condo because lance’s house scared me and tadah I stayed over at chiaki’s place with Glea c:


I JUST WATCHED THE WHOLE LIVE SHOW (without the weather section but hey)


CECIL SAID ‘Carlos is totally my boyfriend.’



im gonna die why are they so cute

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What's that image RP with your OCs Damian and Joce? What's it about?

HAHAHAHA MAN LET ME TELL U A THING thanks for being curious anon hhh

okay so like, the main story of this image rp me and thedarlingdreamer are doing is about damian (mine) and landon (glea’s) like okay the story starts with landon being smashed as dicks and damian being a waiter in the bar landon was in

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NOT THAT GOOD OF A PERSON??? UM EXCUSE YOU JUST A REMINDER TO HER FOLLOWERS: LAUREN HUGS ME FOR NO REASON AT ALL ALMOST EVERYDAY JUST BECAUSE HUGS CAN REALLY LIGHT UP A PERSON'S DAY. she's also my boo and she's absolutely wonderful. this has been a public service announcement good day

HUGS ARE NICE OK i love hugs im so sorry

aww thanks boo <3 but im also an asshole everybody should know that