Welcome new followers!

A few of you I have already spoke to. Such as Knockout, Starflare.. was it?, Hatchet Ratchet, and Starscream. 

Hello, and welcome, dear and fellow mecha, except the Starscreams. My designation is Skyfire. I would greet all of you in an individual post, but I’m a busy bot. *grins* 

Here we have… Oh? It is unclear to me if you are a fleshbag or Cybertronian.

And here we have.. er.. a Predacon?

Oh just great. A Smokescreen. What are you doing here? Don’t you have an Optimus Prime to fawn over?

A Cybertronian I don’t know. Tell me who you are, mech.

Another Unicron? Hopefully you are not stupid like your alternate.

“Mother Ratchet” …okay.

Another Cybertronian I don’t know. You seem to be a seeker. What is your designation?

Ah? Hello Megatron.

//Just going to tag the ones I actually haven’t spoke to. ovo