Sometimes I wonder if the street where I walk or ride my bike is at all eroded because of how often I take the same pathways. It’s sorta like when we play a show and I’m surprised that my fingers haven’t bored through the frets where I play the same bass lines or that Jason hasn’t smashed any keys off the keyboard. Mike can play guitar like a wild demon but he’s never been responsible, far as I’ve seen, for the outright undoing of an instrument. Sometimes Wes plays drums so hard and so fast, I’m surprised he’s not just sittin’ in front of a pile of powder when he’s done. Summer in Toronto is a beautiful thing, but when our record comes out I can’t wait to make some fresh pathways and play some new songs. You’ll know when it happens, it’s gonna be loud.

- Dave


Hymn: Day 6

Billy lit a cigarette with a brand from the fire and laid the brand back. He smoked. It looks a lot better from up here than it does down there, don’t it?

Yes. It does.

There’s a lot of things look better at a distance.


I think so.

I guess there are. The life you’ve lived, for one.

Yeah. Maybe what of it you aint lived yet, too.

(Cormac McCarthy, Cities Of The Plain)

It’s important to take stock some of what you’ve been through at times. Other times you’re better off just living your life and shuttin out your demons, saving the fight for another day. Right down in the world, hunting whatever it is you’re after, you’re liable to get real hurt. People around you get hurt. People can stay hurt for a long time or even forever till they die. When you get a shot at what might be happiness you’re gonna want to take it, you’re gonna walk through a den of damn rattlesnakes like you can’t find another route in the land. You’ll be lying to yourself. There’s no shortage of routes in the land, just a scarcity of routes that lead anywhere worth going to. A guy named Cormac wrote a book about all this. We made some music about that book, in a beautiful place away from the world. It’s time to go home.

- Dave



Hymn: Day 2

When you’re a kid you have these notions about how things are going to be, Billy said. You get a little older and you pull back some on that. I think you wind up just tryin to minimize the pain. Anyway this country aint the same. Nor anything in it. The war changed everthing. I dont think people even know it yet.

The sky to the west darkened. A cold wind blew. They could see the aura of the lights from the city come up forty miles away.

You need to wear more clothes than that, Billy said.

I’m all right. How did the war change it?

It just did. It aint the same no more. It never will be.

(Cormac McCarthy, Cities Of The Plain)

Good clean air is a tranquilizer. I slept like a sack of damn logs last night, think we all did. I was just playing bass a minute ago and I saw some crazy bird fly by, a pelican or a crane or something. I’m no wildlife expert or anything so I can’t say for certain. This farm has a dreamy feel to it. We’re hard at work but then we step outside and there’s a field and hay bails and you could walk down to the stream where the speckled trout swim. I’m not even particularly convinced any of this is real, but I guess it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. Everything sounds better in a barn. Be great to share this music with you all soon.