So Much Labrador Love

Here I have complied a list of other Labrador blogs I’ve come across on Tumblr. Please go follow all these wonderful people and their dogs and show your love and support for Labradors! (I hope these guys all track their tags so they know they’re in the list.) If there are any others that I’ve missed, please message me with the URL and they will be added to the permanent list on my blog :3

Tazz’s Blog- My boyfriend’s blog about his Labrador/Border Collie, Tazz

The Daily Elliott - Possibly my favorite chocolate Lab on Tumblr, Elliott

Labradawesome - A various assortment of Labradors, and home to the Chocolate Lab, Monty, and his owner

BS'N With Bill! - A lovely chocolate Lab named Cosby!

The Life and Times of Oscar - Oscar, the golden Lab

Oh no! It’s Chowder and Chester! - Chowder the black Lab, Chester the golden Lab, and their German Shepherd sister, Chloe

I Will Guide For You - Niilo, the little black Lab

Dog Years - Max the silver Lab

Sawyer: From Head to Tail - The ever so cute, Sawyer the golden Lab

K.Z.G Point - Another lovely Chocolate Lab and his friends

DUSTY & ME - The white Lab, Dusty, and his friends

Dog Shaming - Not a Lab blog, but there are more Labs on there than other breeds and it’s incredibly entertaining hehe

Text From Dog - Also not a Labrador blog, but probably my favorite dog related blog on Tumblr