I usually try to post something around 10:00pm. Then around 9:55pm I suffer a crisis of confidence and try one epigram/collage after another on tumblr preview and they all look like crap. Either the thought is stupid, or the lettering is sloppy or there is a lot of gunk on the scan I didn’t see to retouch before. Or the epigram is offensive in one of the infinite number of ways it is possible to offend nowadays. tumblr is sort of an instant medium, but the large majority of notes on my daily posts, which could be as few as 500 or over 5,000, are of pieces I’ve posted anywhere from a year to three years ago. So I’ve become inclined to leave them up for a while, even if they don’t get much love, just in case. There are almost 2,000 posts in the archive now, counting occasional reposts. It’s surprising how often I’ll see a single note on something from the wayback — no way to know if someone went all the way back or just happened to see it somehow. I’ve rarely commented on other tumblrs, but there are a few others with original content I totally worship. Just to name a couple, David Michael Chandler’s tumblr and the incredible, both utterly original and enviably productive. Okay, I’m procrastinating, here goes something from me… — Michael Lipsey

Goodnight everyone, and I believe I’m accurately quoting Joy on this, “It’s all about the hearts people."  Of course you’re free to heart or not as you wish, it’s your blog, but as I heard from David in our early Tumblr days, "I enjoy supporting my friends."  I totally agree!  Truth is, if you’re a friend and I actually see your post, there’s a very good chance that you’ll get a heart.  Sorry, you’ll just have to deal with it.  Someone’s probably thinking, well that cheapens the value of your hearts.  Last I checked they were free.  As the Tumblr concept is only a friendly numbers game anyway, I’ll take 100 cheap ones thank you.  In case that sounds like I’m casting disparaging comments in Tumblr’s direction, not at all.   While it may be only a series of computer programs, within it resides a living beating heart, and that’s each and every one of you.  Hearts are magic and hearts are love.  Remember, "it’s all about the hearts people.”   ‘Joy, can you beat that number yet?“, he inquires nervously.

Goodnight and much love to all,
Mike <3

“Stranded on the Moon, High on Blur, and Watching World War 3 Destroy the Earth”

Funding for the International Moon Base had hit an all-time low. 

Though it was long his childhood dream to live upon the moon, the missions have become longer, rations and supplies scarcer, and a quirk in the rotations schedule has left him alone upon the moon for the last 8 months.  

He’s now nothing more than a glorified caretaker of an expensive relic that no one wants to pay for.

To pass the time, he has developed a strong addiction to “Blur”– an opiate-like hallucinogen administered through an eye dropper that creates warm soothing visions for hours a dose. 

He rationalizes his addiction by telling himself that the drug causes him to breathe less of the air supply, and eat less food… which are both true, but only helps obscure the lie. 

Month after month, the scheduled date to bring him back to Earth is pushed out further into the future as a tense political climate back home has made him a low priority.  8 months in solitude on the moon become 12, and then 16.  In month 18, World War 3 erupts across the globe.

He watches the bombs destroy everything he once loved all through the blissful haze of Blur induced visions.  The indescribable mix of sheer horror and pleasure will haunt him for the rest of his days. 

By month 34, he is the last human in the galaxy.

(Starring the Timetraveler Ki! Click here to download his new song “Nebula” on iTunes)

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Splork isn’t quite sure what just happened.  A moment ago he and his master were playing (and it was ever so much fun) and then it suddenly… stopped.

And now master is being very quiet, and something is leaking from his head.

Splork doesn’t know what he did wrong :-(

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Originally Posted 4/25/2011 by TheDailyDoodles. 

My thanks to David for allowing me the great honor of illustrating Splork. 

The Long and Whining Road

    Apologies to Paul and please stop me if you’ve heard this before, but…..I need to allow myself to take a break.  As some of you already know, I’ve been a little burned out on Tumblr for SEVERAL months, and honestly with a few exceptions haven’t had anything to write for at least as long.  My dear friend who I won’t embarrass by mentioning her name (HI Mercy), has told me numerous times that I don’t have anything to write because I don’t read anymore or get out of the house and actually live.  She claims playing Tumblr and watching the History Channel don’t count.  Silly girl, LOL.  Actually thank you is more in order.  :)  Writing has been such a gift over the last 7 or 8 years, and I’ve written over 1300 Poems and been blessed to share most of them with some friends at work as well as with all of you.  To those of you who are only beginning to write, I have a request.  Please don’t sell yourself short.  If writing is your love, go for it.  I remember after having written my 50th poem, telling a friend that I didn’t believe I would have much more to write.  He looked at me with an amused smile, shook his head and replied, I doubt that.  Enough writing whine, part 1 ends with THANK YOU to the editors (great job guys), my many kind readers, and a most special thank you to those of you that have allowed me to call you my friend.  <3  Nice segue into part deux.   

    While apologies are probably not in order I do feel a bit guilty regarding not supporting my fellow writers.   As I’ve mentioned before, I came to Tumblr with less than a clue about this whole bloggy thing.  Two more wonderful friends enlightened me early on.  David who has practically achieved Tumblr Deity Status told me that he loved supporting his fellow writers.  The other one of course is Mike, and no it’s not a bromance, though I have mentioned him a few hundred times.  :)  I thanked him one time for a reblog and he replied that he greatly enjoyed sharing writers with each other.  I couldn’t agree more.  To make a (too) long story short, thank you to everyone and please forgive me for not being a great follower lately.  Hopefully I’ve done a little better as a friend.  

    Last but certainly not least I want to say thank to a few very special long time friends, some of whom have practically worn out my heart with all the laughter as well as the tears (I believe this is a good thing).  THANK YOU Joy, Philine, CJ, and Kevin.

Finally…if any of you actually read this far down, I love you and please remember to love yourself.  Yes you are allowed, and No I’m not quitting.   <3

Mike <3s and :)s 

“The Girl Who Lived on the Bottom of the Sea”

There once was a girl who lived on the bottom of the sea
Born with gills in her neck, it’s the only place she felt free
Swimming and floating, to be left alone was her wish
Living a peaceful life amidst the coral and fish.

But growing up on dry land, they called her “The Wretched Gill Girl”
Cruel people kept her in a cage, and sneers and jeers they would hurl
She endured their mockery and laughter, so jealous and petty
Until she escaped from her prison, and dove off the jetty.

Bidding the surface world “adieu”, she made a new life for herself
Formed a country of her own, deep between the continental shelf
Leaving those awful folks behind, she has no more reason to frown
And when the ice caps finally melt, she can watch them all drown. :-)

(Starring the lovely poetess Tam from!)

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thedailydoodles replied to your post: if you reblog stuff saying anything along the…

And when did hipster mean THAT? It’s so odd.

dude I know I’ve been watching the word hipster change over the past year and the state of the word right now is really weird.

in the real world I think hipster means what it has meant- that whole aesthetic and attitude or whatever. but on tumblr hipster somehow equates to girls with long hair wearing vintage type floral prints and high waisted shorts? 

but either way I think hipster, the word and the trend, is dying. and in it’s place is this SUPER cool (annoying) grunge trend, which for the record is not actually grunge like at all, but the same recycled hipster fashion from like two years ago but now with more bright colored hair and pastels and upsidedown crosses and nirvana tee shirts. 

“The Blank Canvas”, a Haiku

Sitting and silent,
The muse floats in the ether
Waiting to be found.

(Starring the great Michael Carini of!)

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And somewhere in Sunny South Florida an old poet smiles.  Thank you David, but you exceeded the limit dude.  It says I can only post 10.  When it comes to heart bombing David is the master bar none.  He does however have some very stiff competition from a certain Joy who also lives over on the left coast.  Love you Joy, and I hope this wonderful morning finds you well.  As for the rest of you…Oh no is he going to say that yet again?  Yep!  :)

If no one’s told you yet today
let me be the first to say
in a very special most wonderful way
while God watches over you as you play

I love you,
Mike <3