my favorite corgi sites: an incomplete list

WARNING: you are about to view some highly addictive material, do not click unless you are prepared to procrastinate for HOURS.

With that said… in no particular order, here are some of my favorite corgi-related websites:

WarmingGlow’s Corgi Friday - a site normally filled with TV related content makes the effort to honore awesome corgi pictures in their very own weekly post: Corgi Friday. I love that nearly every week is a theme post (like corgis in glasses!). I started this site thinking I would only post in themes, but quickly gave it up. Luckily, I have the WarmingGlow’s Corgi Friday to supply me with weekly awesome corgi theme posts.

Icanhasahotdog and the Cheezeburger Empire - some say cheezeburger speak is a meme that should not go on. I disagree. I check the corgi tag on icanhasahotdog daily for the corgi LOLs. Lately, corgis are getting posted on the Cheezeburger Empire’s satellite meme sites. Notably, The Daily Squee AND epic tumblr news source: The Daily What. Recently, The Daily What has been on a roll with their fantastic internet finds of corgis that I’ve never seen before. Needless to say, I’ve been really impressed with their corgi posts. Their recent post of the youtube video of corgi on a swing is officially an internet corgi classic. Bravo, Cheezeburger Empire, bravo. - if you don’t know what Mycorgi is, then quickly familiarize yourself with it. This website is the fantastic creation from Sam, founder of the best corgi social networking website in the history of corgis on the internet. It’s like myspace/facebook - but better, because it’s made with corgi fueled love. Other breeds wish they had a website like Mycorgi!

There is also a worthy Mycorgi tumblr to follow, FRAP posts roughly 4-5 times a week with a Corgi of the Day photos and sometimes other pertinent dog/corgi news. I usually miss the Corgi of the Day post because it gets burried on my dash - corgis get posted at approximately 8-10AM EST.

fuckyeahcorgi - This is my Southern hemisphere corgi addicted friend on tumblr. I frequently reblog her because her captions crack me up. More often than not, her captions are muuuuuch better than mine. This witty FRAPtastic corgi addicted Aussie is the owner of TWO Cardigan corgis - Bentley and Biscuit. I love seeing pictures of B&B together. 

My dog is an anime thread on Something Awful - corgis and corgi lovers in a part of the internet where you wouldn’t expect them. It’s like going to hell and seeing that you will be spending eternity with a million adorable corgi puppies. Just not expected, but you love it nonetheless. Adorable pictures and interesting commentary on caring for a corgi. I check it weekly for corgi content. All 27 pages on that forum are totally worth reading. 

The Daily Corgi - run by hardworking corgi addict Laurie and was one of the inspirations for me starting this tumblr. She does a LOT of corgi related charity work, most recently the Drive for 5, raising money for DM research. I wish I had half the energy Laurie does, I have no idea how she does it all. TDC posts well.. The Daily Corgi! Which is a post dedicated to just one corgi, pictures, biopic, and overall great fun. I absolutely LOVE TDC’s flickr gallery - filled with some of the best corgi pics that flickr has to offer. Need to kill a day at work? TDC’s flickr gallery, problem SOLVED.  Laurie also posts quite frequently to the TDC’s facebook pageCompletely opposite of how CorgiAddict’s facebook page runs (which I neglect horribly) – probably because I am always on TDC’s FB instead of my own! I gotta tell you, some of the best corgis appear on my facebook thanks to Laurie. 

/r/corgi and /r/dogfort - the two best subreddits ever and the only reason why I have a reddit account. /r/dogfort is where the hugely successful Red(dit) Lobster corgi t-shirt fundraiser spawned. You can catch the latest and greatest /r/dogfort comics on this subreddit. Long live Red Lobster!! I check the /r/corgi page about 3-4 times a week. Surprisingly, never actually saw any trolling on these forums. I adore these reddit communities.


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Oyez Oyez!

At the occasion of the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s, sketch and yours truly request the pleasure of your company for a very special tea party in one of London’s finest dining venues! 

Corgi owners are invited to bring their corgi to sketch Parlour in Mayfair, between 11am-2pm on Sunday, June 12th 2016 – to receive a tea and cake (corgis will get their very own doggie bag from The Hungry Hounds Bakery).

Frocks and fascinators optional, RSVP essential.

(For more info visit @thedailycorgi-blog)

#LetThemEatCake #HMQ90 #QueenAt90 #Corgi #London #CorgdonBleu #Corguide #RSVP #AfternoonTea #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty

Paige - Founder of CorgiPals - Needs Our Help


Perhaps you know Paige from her role as founder and CEO of CorgiPals, a non-profit that raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for Corgis in need over four years? Paige did what many could consider well nigh impossible with her big love for Corgis and people. And her kick-butt determination … As she moves forward to new endeavors (including teacher training, how lucky are those kids?), Paige needs to feel some of the love she gave out so generously to the Corgi Community. Her BFF Corgi Dexter Jaymz was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and now he’s got arthritis issues in his back legs, from ACL surgeries. We all know none of this vet stuff comes cheap. Please join me in helping her out by buying a custom, handmade pet cap from her shop