Favorite Blog List

they post consistently with proper credit and everything. definitely in my top three blogs.

sasha is just a lovely person with a lovely blog

i freaking love claire and she’s just super perf and she’s only been dancing for like five years???


lise is awesome and gorgeous

their gifs/photosets are all so perfect!

her gifs are perfection

her photography is gorgeous

he is so passionate and talented! if anyone deserves success it’s him and plus he posts a lot.

gorgeous blog!

her text posts are golden

it’s like porn but it’s not (no really it’s not porn it’s just beautiful ballerinos)

I just started following her/talking to her but her blog is gorgeous and also her feet make me wANT TO DIE

Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

This blog has been around for 2 years now (almost; I started it late at night and it’s still morning, but I didn’t want to forget)!

I just wanted to thank you guys so so much for your continued support*, even through the social justice blogging (and the naysayers!), the random posts, the silliness between me and Kay, and everything.  And to the amazing photographers and companies who have been okay with us sharing their photos and just have been really, really cool.



*Like, we have more followers than posts.  It’s absolutely thrilling to see the number of followers every day and realize that you have the ability to reach more than 10,000 people (even if most of them don’t respond to anything you say).  For reference, the ratio of posts to followers on my personal blog is nearly 60:1.  So it’s honestly really, really cool to see you guys.

Happy One-Year Anniversary!

I didn’t want this tied to a photo, but I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you and the photographers and companies who have given me permission to post their photos and/or have not sued me.

Also, I wanted to extend my thanks to Kay, who is the most fabulous admin in the history of admins and without whom this blog would not have more than 4300 followers.

So just, thank you so much guys. Really.


Hey guys! :)

As you may or may not have noticed, this blog has disappeared from tumblr for the past… almost a full week, now.  We were undergoing some construction and just considering the future of the blog, but suffice to say I think we’re back. :)

However, I do have a favor to ask of you guys:  Please, please, please don’t remove our text, especially the photographer credits.  It’s really irksome, and it annoys photographers, which is not a good thing. :(

Also.  Just a note, posting will continue to be extremely slow for the time-being, as both my co-admin and myself are in finals week(s).  We’ll be really busy with testing and whatnot, so the queue won’t be filled like it usually is, so…  There’ll probably only be a couple posts each day, if any.

And that’s really all there is to say, and I’m sorry if we disappeared sort of abruptly.  Nevertheless, happy tumblr-ing, everyone!


P. S. I promise that I am not scary and you guys can actually talk to me because I’m sort of lonely?  And I mean you can make dancer requests or ballet requests or company requests, too.  SOMEONE TALK TO ME WHILE I DIE OF CALCULUS.