The Daily, 3/3/15

Unfortunately I forgot about an event I had last night so I didn’t get my cycling in but today I got work on my 5k time. Better than Saturday’s annnnnd I almost didn’t go. Shame on me for even thinking it. I had my gym bag packed for cycling the night before and I halfway unpacked and repacked for running, forgetting a shirt and my running shoes. So I ran in a pullover and my old Brooks. I thought the extra sweat couldn’t hurt!

I confessed to Steed today that I never stretch. I always relied on my fitness classes to get that in but I’ve been missing a key class the past couple weeks. Fingers crossed I don’t have to work this weekend and can get to BodyFlow.

Steed’s running motivation is pushing me. Especially since we’ll be seeing each other in a month for a friend’s wedding. A goal for both of us since we’ll be around old friends and in photos. I think a month challenge is in order?!? Steed???


The Daily 2.21.15

Annnnnd I’m back!  I forgot how to prepare for the gym today.  First I forgot my lock and turned around to get it.  Then I got to the gym to realize I forgot my armband and water bottle.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  Anyway, due to my forgetfulness, I did 30 minutes on the bike for 6 miles of random hills.  I forgot to take a photo in the spirit of forgetting everything else.  There were girl scouts selling cookies at the entrance to the Y, but I resisted them.  I was proud when I stepped on the scale to see not much had changed during my vacation. Surprised me a little since I sat on my rear and laid on my back in the sun all week, minus the time I went zip-lining.  We did a lot of hiking then.  

By the way, what’s all this white cold stuff on the ground?