Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), father of orgone energy.

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Wilhelm Reich, the famous Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst discovered a form of energy, blue in color, which permeates the atmosphere and all things, living or not. He called it “orgone” energy, or “universal life energy”. The time was in the late 1930’s.
Orgone energy is called “chi” by the Chinese people. Positive orgone energy brings health and prosperity, and as the law of relativity in the universe dictates, there is also the existence of its opposite - negative orgone energy, which brings illnesses and adversity.

Reich invented orgone accumulators to extract orgone energy from the ether, and used such devices to treat cancer patients, with amazing healing results. Unfortunately, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) intervened by filing a lawsuit against him of malpractices. FDA also declared that orgone energy did not exist, and prohibited any of its use in therapy.The resulting court injunction banned the transport and sale of his orgone related instruments, devices and publications, and subsequently ordered a mass burning of his books.                                                           Reich was never officially convicted, but was arrested and sentenced to prison, for contempt of court, when he refused to enter the court for trial. In 1957, he was said to have died of “heart failure”, just days before his parole release from prison.
But nothing can negate Wilhelm Reich’s ingenious discovery and its benefit to Mankind. To this date, Quantum physicists have proved the existence of orgone energy and the orgone devices Reich invented do work on accumulating and transmuting unbalanced energy (Dead orgone radiation or DOR) into balanced energy (Positive orgone radiation or POR).                                        Another Reich’s invention is the famous “Cloudbuster”, which is capable of making rain to solve drough condition in its effective area, by clearing the atmosphere of DOR.                               Modern day orgone generators (generally called orgonites) of different kinds have been rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Besides their personal healing effects, these devices can also neutralize harmful ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation from cell phone towers and EMF (electromagnetic radiation) emitted from our own cell phones, TVs, computers and home appliances, etc.

New Crackle Quartz Pendants!

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Crackle Quartz Crystals, are natural rock quartz crystal that have been coloured. The process of colouring the crystals leaves the crystal with a “Crackle” appearance in the colour. Once coloured the colour is set, so the crystal is clean to the touch.  These crystals usually originate from Brazil. The colours can vary but mostly come in Green, Red, Blue, Purple, and Pink or Magenta. 

Crackle Quartz is one of the most powerful and energetic healing stones found on earth. It’s unique crystalline form amplifies and harmonizes energy. It brings forth clear thinking, harmony and power.

You can use Crackle Quartz to help you amplify any other crystal work that you do. It will help to enhance the power of any type of crystal therapy and bring tranquility and balance into the process.

Crackle Quartz is said to harmonize with all of the chakras, align the subtle bodies and facilitate both speaking and
receiving information from a spiritual sense. It can also be used to transform thought into vibration and sound.

Crackle Quartz can create altered states of consciousness and can serve as a bridge to connect one with their psychic abilities, talents, and abilities of the mind. Metaphysically Crackle Quartz attunes to all of the chakras bringing light into them and clearing them of negativity. There are specific gemstones and crystals that correlate with each chakra specifically but clear quartz works with
all of them in a wonderful, healing and magical way.

The us of Crackle Quartz in the crown chakra has been most effective. The spiraling motion of the energy produces a clear pathway for the movement of the Kundalini energy to flow from the base chakra up into the crow chakra.
Therefore it can be said that Crackle Quartz can open and activate all of the chakras easily. To note though, if someone is not ready for the awesome and magnificent connection with their crown chakra and the spiritual realm that it should not be used to open the crow chakra, because if one is not ready it can be disruptive and unsettling to have their crown chakra open. It is best if that is
the case to use the quartz crystal in other energy works and prepare oneself with the opening of the crow chakra in the future.

Crackle Quartz energy is warm, brilliant and connected. Worn or placed in ones environment it will attune one towards the feeling of light love and harmony. It can also aid in the purification of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Quartz comes in many different colors, all meaning different things metaphysically. There are also many different shapes of clear quartz ranging from clear, blue, golden, harlequin, rose, lithium, rainbow, tangerine and many others. Each particular kind of quartz is helpful in different areas of ones life.

Astrologically clear quartz corresponds with all of the zodiac signs.

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Selenite wand. One of my favorite stones for meditation. While using selenite “the bridger” I have had enhanced perception, clearer & more direct insights, astral travel experiences & very very strong visuals. This one has many healing, programming & mediumship qualities. Perfect for those beginning or advanced. Nature’s fiber optic. #crystals #metaphysical #heartchakra #oversoul #clairvoyant #thecrystalmovement Available at (Taken with Instagram)

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7 Stone Chakra Pendant provides all of the metaphysical properties of the 7 stone bonded onto this stunning & unique pendant from The Crystal Movement the stones are as followed :

Amethyst ~ Crown

Lapis Lazuli ~ third eye

Howlite turquoise ~ Throat

Green adventurine ~ Heart

Golden topaz ~ Plexus

Carnelian ~ Sacral

Red jasper ~ Root Chakra

Pendant measures approx 5.6cm


Available at

This set comes with three selenite crystals as shown above or individual sale is an option.

To charge place wands under the moon 24 hours preferably during the new moon or the full moon.

Selenite is an excellent stone to help
you further your connection with your
spirit guides and teachers.

Selenite is also a wonderful stone for
grids around the house or even used
as a master symbol to charge a grid

Physically selenite provides clarity of the mind and expands ones awareness of
the self and ones surroundings ir can be used in amelioration of disorder
associated with poisoning due to the metals and fillings of the teeth. Selenite
can also work to correct disorders of the skeletal system and extend ones life

How to Use Selenite

Selenite crystal is both a very powerful stone and a very delicate stone. Because it is powerful, it should only be used responsibly, with the most positive intentions. For metaphysical practices, the use of this healing crystal, without proper guidance and training, can have unexpected results. Also, selenite should be used in conjunction with a grounding stone, such as hematite or boji stone.

To care for the actual physical stone, selenite crystals should be safely stored, wrapped in a non-abrasive fabric, such as silk or satin. For cleansing, do not soak selenite in salt water — this mineral is actually water soluble. Use another method, for example, a self-cleansing crystal, such as clear quartz. Be respectful of this beautiful metaphysical crystal, and find out what it has to offer.